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Meet IHS graduate student, Kyndall Sifford

Meet IHS graduate student, Kyndall Sifford
Meet Kyndall Sifford, one of the members of MIHS's inaugural class.

Fall 2020 marked the start of the Master of Integrated Health Studies (MIHS) program in the Department of Interdisciplinary Health Studies.  Meet Kyndall Sifford, one of the members of this inaugural class.  Kyndall also earned her Bachelor of Science in Integrated Healthcare Studies (BSIHS) from Ohio University. 

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What are your personal and professional goals for the future?

After working as an outpatient clinician for the past five years, I have developed a significant level of expertise that continues to contribute to my personal and professional growth. Therefore, I wish to continue my career as a healthcare professional upon graduation. My greatest aspiration is to obtain an administrative or executive position within a community healthcare system.

What made you interested in the MIHS program?

As I was nearing the completion of my BSIHS degree, I received an e-mail regarding the upcoming launch of the MIHS degree. I was immediately interested in applying because of the flexible online curriculum and diverse course offerings. I am so grateful that I’m able to further my education through OHIO while still maintaining a full-time job.

How do you feel your MIHS courses help support you in achieving your goals?

The MIHS degree provides a stackable certificate program as well as core foundational knowledge courses. I am customizing my degree by completing certifications in both health policy and healthcare leadership. Also, I am concentrating on ethics, interprofessional health promotion, critical thinking and reasoning, and healthcare advocacy to fulfill my role as a healthcare provider.

What are some of your outside of school interests, that make you who you are?

In addition to coursework, I work full-time as a PTA in an outpatient clinic where I rehabilitate a diverse group of patients. I devote most of my time to my husband, family, two cats, and two horses. I am an avid outdoor adventurer and enjoy traveling when I'm able.

If you could positively impact a health disparity what would you focus on?

If I could choose one health disparity to positively impact, I would focus on socioeconomic disparities. Whether assessed by income, education, or occupation, socioeconomic status is a fundamental health disparity that is directly linked to a wide range of health problems.

What makes you smile?

As a clinician, I get to witness a level of perseverance and willpower rarely seen in everyday life. It is extremely rewarding to know that I have a personal role in improving a patient’s quality of life and restored function. Although it can be challenging, healthcare professionals spend each day making a difference -- that is why I smile.

What makes you unique?

What makes me unique is that I am passionate about improving health equity, especially in impoverished communities similar to the region I grew up in.

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