Ohio University

Barrett Graduates to NFL Position

Chris Barrett recently went from full-time graduate student to full-time athletic trainer for the National Football League's Houston Texans. The Cary, North Carolina, native graduated in 2015 from Ohio University with his master of science in athletic training and soon after was hired by the AFC South division team. 
Barrett reports that some of his daily responsibilities include creating injury prevention programs, athlete treatment and rehabilitation, and collecting baseline concussion information. 

However, his responsibilities on the Texans' athletic training staff go beyond that of a typical healthcare provider. Chris also employs a unique set of skills acquired during his education: dry needling (applying acupuncture to specific trigger points), Graston technique (a soft tissue release technique) and functional movement—"real world" movements that strengthen the body's core musculature—to help keep professional athletes at the top of their game—and in the game. 
Barrett, who says his work day often begins at 4:30 a.m. and on some days lasts up to sixteen hours, reports he would not trade the hard work or long hours for anything. For him, the greatest key to success in the workplace is discovering what you can contribute to the team, communicating well with others, and gaining all of the knowledge that you can—because every experience is a learning experience. 

During the course of his graduate studies, Chris was advised by Chad Starkey and worked with all of the AT faculty members. He also served as an athletic trainer for Ohio University’s football team.