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Deborah Henderson

Deborah Henderson Profile Picture
Professor and Director


  • PhD, Education Curriculum and Instruction in Higher Learning, Ohio University, 1997
  • MSN, Nursing, The Ohio State University 1987
  • BSN, Nursing, Ohio University, 1984
  • Certified Nurse Educator, National League for Nursing, 2011-2022

Research/Professional Interests

  • Healthcare education strategies
  • Nursing simulation education

Clinical Experience

  • 1974-2013 Registered Nurse in practice in acute care settings with staff nurse, manager and administrative nursing leadership experience.


  • Bryant, R., Miller, C. & Henderson, D. (2015). Virtual Clinical Simulations in an Online Advanced Health Appraisal Course.Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 11(10), 437-444.
  • Groom, J., Henderson, D., & Sittner, B. (July 2014). NLN/Jeffries simulation framework state of the science project: Simulation design characteristics [Featured article]. Clinical Simulation in Nursing, 10 (7), 337-344.
  • Henderson, D., Miller, C, & Bryant, R. (June 19, 2014). Peer Reviewed Podium Presentation. Taking Care of Tina: Does the Digital Clinical Experience Improve NP Performance on Integrated Health Exam? International Association of Clinical and Simulation Learning, Lake Buena Vista, Florida.
  • Groom, J, Henderson, D. & Sittner, B. (June 2012). Podium Presentation. NLN/Jeffries simulation framework project - Simulation design characteristics. International Association of Clinical and Simulation Learning.
  • Henderson, D. & McAfooes, J. (November 4-6, 2011). Podium Presentation. Teaching Nursing Online in Second Life. Invited presentation as HITS scholars at NLN Technology Conference, Durham, North Carolina.
  • Henderson, D. & McAfooes, J. (September 2010). Peer reviewed Podium Presentation. Teaching Nursing Online in Second Life: A Feasibility Study. NLN Summit, Las Vegas.
  • Kardong-Edgren, S.; Henderson, D.; Jeffries, P.; Ravert, P.; Anderson, M.; Reed, B. & Arnold, J. (Peer reviewed panel presentation January 25, 2010). Developing tools for the evaluation of simulation. Society for Simulation in Healthcare (SSIH) International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare Conference (IMSH), Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Henderson, D. (2007, 2015). Teaching and Learning Strategies. Course published at National League for Nursing Simulation Innovation Resource Center, (SIRC), at sirc.nln.org.


  • 2016-2018. Henderson, D. Co-investigator on the Ohio University Innovation Funded Research Award ($877,849. PI: Bowditch, John). Immersive Media Initiative (IMI) is focused on developing innovative education and workforce-training programs by providing technology, facilities, curriculum and active learning opportunities to encourage students to become leaders across several disciplines. Phase two co-investigators (2017) from College of Health Sciences and Professions: Henderson, D. (nursing), Buchman, S (nursing), Baker, C (nursing) and Thomas, J (CSD). Sub-project: Virtual reality (VR) student experiences from the nursing and healthcare perspective in disaster scenarios.
  • 2011-2014. Henderson, D. Selected member of the International Association of Clinical and Simulation Learning (INACSL) Research Team on the Jeffries/National League for Nursing Simulation Framework. This research was based on the State of the Summit and discovery via the NIH Consensus format .
  • 2009. Henderson, D. and McAfooes, J. Second Life (SL) virtual reality research conducted in the RN to BSN online program. SL was used to create a virtual family of avatars whose family roles were acted out by the co-investigators as the family avatars during virtual “home visits” made to the family in SL.
  • 2007 and revised in 2015. Henderson, D. Selected by National League for Nursing (NLN)/Laerdal as one of nine nursing education simulation experts from a pool of 169 nurse educators to author a faculty development course on simulation for NLN. Dr. Pamela Jeffries, Project Director. Participated in an immersion seminar in 2007 with the other eight simulation experts selected, Laerdal Corporation, Dr. Jeffries, and NLN Senior Director of Development Dr. Mary Anne Rizzolo, and authored the course on Teaching and Learning Strategies for Simulation Learning for the NLN Simulation Innovation Resource Center (SIRC). Course updated in 2015 and it is still a part of the SIRC site, offering simulation resources and training for nurses interested in implementing simulation learning.

University/Professional Services

  • 2018-current Member, Ohio University Regional Higher Education Study Committee 
  • 2018-current Member, The Ohio Alliance for Innovation in Population Health Collaborative 
  • 2014-current  Member, College of Health Sciences and Professions Full Professors’ Council
  • 2011-current Director, School of Nursing, Ohio University
  • 2011-current  Member, Ohio Council of Associate Degree Nursing Education Administrators
  • 2011-current  Member, Ohio Council of Deans and Directors
  • 2011-current  Member, College of Health Sciences and Professions Academic Leadership Council
  • 2010-current Associate Director, RN to BSN Online Program, Ohio University
  • 1997-current Professor, Nursing, Ohio University
  • 1991-current  Member via Institution, National League for Nursing
  • 1987-current Faculty Member, Nursing, Ohio University. Tenured in 1991
  • 1986-current  Member, Sigma Theta Tau, National Nursing Honor Society
  • 2010-2013 Member, Editorial Board Clinical Simulation in Nursing 
  • 2009-2014  Associate Director, BSN Program, Ohio University
  • 2008-2018  Reviewer: Clinical Simulation in Nursing Journal 
  • 2008-2017  Member, International Association for Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL)