We enable programs by removing barriers and seizing opportunities to enhance the vast array of clinical/learning education activities.

The College of Health Sciences and Professions (CHSP) Office of Clinical Education provides critical support for clinical/learning education connections between college and practical experiences.

The requirements for clinical/learning placements in a variety of settings in terms of practice type, geography and duration encumbers an incredible degree of effort to execute. The Office of Clinical Education is designed to facilitate these current needs, as well as identify and support future clinical/learning education trends and best practices across the variety of programs that constitute CHSP.

The Office of Clinical Education focuses on a centralized support structure that includes: 

  • Multiple databases provide for tracking of clinical/learning placements and Affiliation Agreements.
  • Collaboration among programs is fostered in efforts to develop college-wide protocols that inform student clinical/learning education.
  • Foundation guiding documents such as guidelines, and standards and procedures, are developed collaboratively and are housed within the Office of Clinical Education.
  • Training modules and resources are developed and maintained to provide both internal constituents, such as faculty, staff and students, and external constituents such as site instructors, the opportunity to learn and assess their own competencies across relevant topics.

Through vision and strategic planning, the Office of Clinical Education supports the complexities involved in the clinical/learning education of students across all schools and departments within CHSP.