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Appalachian Studies Academic Programs

Undergraduate Appalachian Studies Certificate

New in Fall 2017-Appalachian Studies Certificate is now available. For more information click here.

Classes at Ohio University

GEOG 3330 - Appalachia: Land and People
Topical and regional survey of Appalachia with emphasis on settlement and expansion, land ownership and speculation, society and culture, and the impacts of natural resource extraction.

Requisites: (Soph, Jr or Sr) and (GEOG 1100 or GEOG 1200 or GEOG 1310 or GEOG 2400)
Credit Hours: 3.0

POLS 3060 - Politics of Appalachia
Introduction to Appalachia, its political patterns, and political problems such as politics of poverty and powerlessness. Includes examination of responses to these problems by various levels of government-national, regional, state and local.

Requisites: 6 Hours in POLS
Credit Hours: 3.0

SOC 3090 - Sociology of Appalachia
Intensive study of Appalachia from sociological perspective. Emphasis on population of Appalachia (number and distribution of inhabitants, characteristics of population, vital processes and migration), culture of rural poverty, acceptance of innovation and social change in Appalachia, major social institutions in area, and community power structure in Appalachia.

Requisites: 6 Hours in SOC including 1000
Credit Hours: 3.0

UP 4901 - Environment and Public Health in Appalachia (New Fall 2017)
Exploration of environmental health, public health, and health disparities in Appalachia. Topics include drinking water, wastewater, housing and locations of hazardous facilities.

Requisites: Jr or Sr
Credit Hours: 3.0

Appalachian Studies Academic Programs

The Appalachian Studies Association has compiled a list of academic resources including academic programs, bibliographies, K-12 educational resources, and sample syllabi. You can access their resource page here.