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CHSP students, faculty, community partners honored during 2022 Student and Faculty Awards

More than 40 individuals, student organizations and community partners were honored during this year’s virtual event.

INSPIRE grant to support skill building for individuals in recovery

Offerings will include access to art therapy, peer support specialists and community health workers. Additionally, a Recovery Community Organization is being established in Southeast Ohio and the INSPIRE project will support its development. 

Continuing Education remains a core focus for The Alliance

In order to be responsive to the continuing education needs of our partners, the Alliance is seeking input from health care practitioners and leadership to inform the development of continuing education opportunities.

Listening to Health Care Providers

As part of its quarterly newsletter, The Alliance included some of the ways in which the Alliance and Universities are responding to the changing and growing needs of the health care industry. From Community Health Workers to health care careers and advanced educational and licensing opportunities for current healthcare professionals, we are all working to identify areas where we can expand and enhance the health care workforce.

Meet Community Health Worker Lead Kerri Shaw

Kerri Shaw joined the Ohio Alliance for Population Health in August 2021 as the Community Health Worker (CHW) Training Program Coordinator. Her connection to public health, though, started over 20 years ago.

Meet Program Coordinator Michal Searls

Michal Searls joined Ohio University in 2016 to continue her career in public service with the College of Health Sciences and Professions in Continuing Education. Prior to joining the University, she worked in local government with a focus on financial management, budgeting, training, and government contracts.

Meet Behavioral Health Lead Tracy Plouck

Plouck spent more than twenty years developing and implementing human services policy for the State of Ohio, takes the lead in recruiting expert presenters from across the state and region.

Meet Aging Lead Melissa Kimmel

Melissa Kimmel began her work with the OHIO Alliance for Population Health in October 2019. Prior to joining the Alliance, Melissa worked primarily in non-profits proving social services in roles ranging from Case Manager to Executive Director.

Meet Workforce Development Lead Tom Johnson

After retiring from a career in international banking, Mayor Thomas Johnson returned to his roots and has helped to drive investment to Perry County and Ohio’s Appalachian region.  He focuses on the link between health care and economic development as a social determinant of health, workforce expansion driver and community wealth creator. 

Meet Research Lead Orman Hall

Orman Hall comes to the Alliance with a long history in behavioral health care management and a commitment to making data-driven decisions.