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Sensory Analysis Lab

Principal Investigator
Robert Brannan

Grover Center W215

About the Facility
The Sensory Analysis Laboratory is a suite of purpose-specific labs for the execution of discrimination, descriptive and affective sensory analysis. The Sensory Analysis Laboratory is used for both teaching and research purposes. Students enrolled in NUTR 2200 (Science of Food I), NUTR 2220 (Science of Food II), and NUTR 4220 (Experimental Foods) use the lab to examine the relationship between human perception and instrumental analysis of food.

A permanent, trained descriptive panel is available for teaching and research purposes. The Sensory Analysis Laboratory consists of a tasting room with six individual tasting booths (one of which is handicapped-accessible), a preparation area, and access to an observation room equipped with a two-way mirror for group sessions such as focus groups.