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Exercise Physiology Lab

Sharon Rana and Michael Kushnick

Grover Center E228

About the facility
The purpose of the lab is to understand physiological response to exercise. The facility is also using in teaching the courses Exercise Testing and Prescription (PESS 249), Cardiovascular Evaluations (PESS 449A), Exercise Performance (PESS 461/561).


Ergometers: 4-Monark Belt Friction; 4-Monark Basket Loaded; 1-Wingate; 2-TrackMaster TMX25 Treadmills; 1-Burdick Stress Treadmill

Electrocardiography (ECG): Burdick Quest Stress ECG; CardioCard Computer Integrated ECG; ECG simulator

ParvoMedics TrueOneÒ 2400 Metabolic Measurment System; Matabolic Cart; Residual Volume and Resting Metabolic Rate Software and Hardware

Analyzers: YSI 2300 STAT PLUS (Glucose and Lactate Analyzer); Lactate Pro (handheld analyzer); Cardiochek (Blood Lipids, Glucose); Ascencia XL (Bayer Glucometer)

Muscle Fitness Testers: 4-hand grip dynamometers; 2-back,leg & chest strength dynamometer; gonimeters; 3 sit-and-reach boxes; 2-inclinometers

Body Composition: BOD POD; 6-Lange Skinfold Calipers; Tanita Scale Bioelectrical Impedance