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Post-Professional MSAT

About the Program

The Post-Professional Master of Science in Athletic Training Program (MSAT) is CAATE-accredited. Since 1972, Ohio University has been educating post-professional students to become leaders and contributing members of the athletic training profession. We offer a two-year program that emphasizes academics, research and clinical practice. This advanced program, focusing on research, evidence and best practices in clinical practice, communication and leadership, challenges students to become better clinicians, scholars, teachers, leaders and assets to the community. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a master of science in athletic training degree.

Students may elect to complete a research project or a thesis as partial fulfillment of the requirements to graduate. Our program is designed to accomplish two goals: (1) guide students through the research process as they work to complete an original data-driven research project or thesis, and (2) teach students to analyze translational research in an effort to inform clinical practice. Experienced faculty mentors guide the student both in class and in one-to-one mentorship meetings to meet both goals. Students are encouraged to pursue grant opportunities from the Graduate Student Senate, professional organizations and other private organizations.

In addition to the quality research that our students complete and submit for publication, we offer valuable teaching experiences. Post-professional students may serve as teaching assistants in our professional (undergraduate) athletic training program. Post-professional students are also offered the opportunity to function as preceptors so that they may directly supervise undergraduate students in a clinical experience.

Program Design

The post-professional program aims to develop scholarly clinicians. The curriculum consists of a two-year, five semester academic plan. All students complete a summer semester on the main campus in Athens during July of their first year. This is followed by two fall and two spring semesters on each cohort’s respective campus. While Athens and Dublin offer classes on their own campuses, nearly half of the curriculum is delivered to both cohorts simultaneously via Polycom technology. This allows both cohorts to learn from each other’s unique experiences.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistantships may be available for students who are Ohio licensed athletic trainers or West Virginia registered athletic trainers.

Athens Graduate Assistantships

Athens graduate assistantships are located in a medically underserved area and provide an important community service. While managing the health of patients, the program also strives to raise public awareness of the role of the contemporary athletic trainer. 

The graduate assistantships available in Athens range from completely autonomous experiences at a rural high school without supervision from an experienced AT to autonomous sport (e.g., baseball, football, ice hockey, soccer, softball, swimming, track and field, wresting) or performance specific (e.g., The Marching 110, theatre, ROTC) experiences with various levels of mentorship from an experienced AT. Contact Chad Starkey, PhD, AT FNATA, at starkeyc@ohio.edu for more information.

  • Campus recreation
  • High schools in Southeastern Ohio
  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Science and Health in Artistic Performance (SHAPe) Clinic

Institutional Aggregate Data:

Retention rate:  97%
Graduation rate:  97%
Transfer-out rates:  0%
Job placement:  89%

*Job placement includes students who continued their education; 12 students elected to pursue other life options.

Applying to the Program

Graduate Program Brochure 2020-2021 (pdf) (curriculum included) 
Program Application Form (doc)
Evaluation Form (doc) 

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Program Director: 
Chad Starkey, PhD, AT, FTNATA 


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