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Summer Courses

Enjoy all Athens has to offer you this summer, including getting some courses out of the way! 

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The College of Health Sciences and Professions will be offering the following courses during the summer semester:
  • School of Applied Health Sciences and Wellness (AHSW)
    • Nutrition
      • NUTR 1100- Intro to Food Systems (online) (Tier II)
      • NUTR 3230- Fundamentals of Nutrition for Athletic & Physical Performance (online)
      • NUTR 3350- Introduction to Food Production
      • NUTR 4320- Diabetes From Bench to Bedside
    • Athletic Training
      • AT 3690- Health and Injury in Performing Artists (online) (Tier II)
    • Exercise Physiology
      • EXPH 1490- Introduction to Exercise Science (online)
      • EXPH 2280- Community First Aid, and CPR/AED for the Professional Rescuer (online)
  • School of Rehabilitation and Communication Sciences (RCS)
    • Communication Sciences and Disorders
      • CSD 1080- Introduction to Communication Disorders (online) (Tier II)
      • CSD 2500- Speech Science (online)
      • CSD 1110 – Elementary American Sign Language I
      • CSD 1120 – Elementary American Sign Language II
      • CSD 2110 – Intermediate American Sign Language I
      • CSD 2120 – Intermediate American Sign Language II
      • CSD 4710 – Aural Rehabilitation (online)
  • Department of Social and Public Health (SPH)
    • Child and Family Studies
      • CFS 4610- Dynamics in Parent-Child Relations (online)
      • CFS 4650- Transitions in Development: Adolescence (online)
    • Environmental Health Science
      • EH 2000- Introduction to Environmental Health and Safety (Tier II)
    • Social Work
      • SW 1000- Introduction to Social Work and Social Welfare (online)
      • SW 3203- International Social Work and Social Welfare (online)
      • SW 3701- Dynamics of Human Behavior
    • Other (various majors in SPH)
    • HLTH 2000- Introduction to Public Health (online) (Tier II)
    • HLTH 2030- Foundations in Health Education (online)
    • HLTH 2100- Women and Health (online)
    • HLTH 2170- Health System Organization, Financing, and Delivery (online)
    • HLTH 2700-Family and Consumer Health (online)
    • HLTH 3100-Health Behavior Theory in Public and Community Health (online)
    • HLTH 3160- Human resources Management in Health Care (online)
    • HLTH 3300-Community Health Epidemiology
    • HLTH 3350-  Leadership and Management of Health Care Organizations
    • HLTH 3400-  Contemporary Problems in Health Care Organizations (online)

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Apply here for their summer program employment opportunities.