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Nursing students doing clinical work

Clinical Affairs


Enabling programs by removing barriers and seizing opportunities to enhance the vast array of clinical education activities

If the College of Health Sciences and Professions (CHSP) is where everything connects, then the Office of Clinical Affairs (OCA) is a critical support for those connections, providing student and programmatic activities in clinical education. While our activities have grown and adapted over the years, our core mission has not wavered. We support students and programs on the "clinical" side of their activities.

Clinical programs are the most complex programs at the University. The requirements for didactic coursework, clinical training, and off campus placements in a variety of settings in terms of practice type, geography, duration encumbers an incredible degree of effort to execute. The OCA is structure to facilitate the needs of the clinical programs for these very pursuits.

Our clinical affairs activities are listed below:

  • Facilitate communication between programs, University administration, and external constituents as they relate to clinical affairs
  • Coordinate discussions among the directors/coordinators of clinical education to allow bi-directional guidance and needs-based discussions as well as information flow
  • Develop and implement policies and procedures governing clinical activities
  • Seek operational synergies and implement them as appropriate
  • Develop and maintain a database for affiliation agreements
  • Negotiate terms of agreements and serve as signatory
  • Track engagement, expiration, terminations, and renewals of clinical affiliation agreements
  • Customize interfaces for individual programs using College-supported software
  • Implement and facilitate student requirements tracking
  • Develop and implement online training modules for students, faculty, and staff
  • Maintain and improve data integrity for clinical affairs databases
  • Collect placement data from programs to facilitate both students placements and compliance states requiring authorization


Links to log in are below for each of your programs. HELP links are the right side of the page which includes which are accessible once you are logged in:

  • Instructions
  • Video tutorials
  • Support tickets
  • FAQs

The OCA worked in collaboration with the clinical programs to identify a long-term solution for clinical tracking. While some solutions are programmed "Top-Down", Typhon was programmed "Bottom-Up", which means that the student needs were considered along with programmatic needs. We work with the various programs to implement, customize, and maintain Typhon. This solution offers an incredible array of tracking abilities in an intuitive layout. The benefits of Typhon are vast for both the programs and their students. A few of the student benefits are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Accessible from anywhere using any device
  • A single place to enter your own data: schedule, case logs (e.g., patient contact), time logs, conference logs as well as track your documents for your programs and clinical placements
  • Training provided at beginning of your program, videos available on an ongoing basis
    • * Click here to access training videos*
      1. Click on your program
      2. Click "Data Entry Login"
      3. Enter username (PID#) and password
      4. Click "Video Tutorials" under the Help menu on the bottom-right of the page
  • A no cost online portfolio
    • Provides each student with a unique URL to assist in resume building and job seeking
    • Students keep this for three years post-graduation with the ability to subscribe for continued service
    • * Click here for tutorial on setting yours up*
      1. Click on your program
      2. Click "Data Entry Login"
      3. Enter username (PID#) and password
      4. Click "My Portfolio" under #3 Other Activities and Reports on the bottom left of the page
  • Phone, web technical support
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Marianne Malawista
Senior Director for Clinical Education 

Jeff DiGiovanni, Ph.D.
Chief Clinical Officer

Misty Hutchison
Records Management Senior Specialist