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Advising Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Hilltopper Advising Center?

➢  The Hilltopper Advising Center was designed to provide academic advising services

to prospective, current, and undecided students of Ohio University Chillicothe. The Hilltopper Advising Center also offers computers that students can use to conduct research on careers, classes, programs, and degrees at Ohio University. Students can schedule an appointment with an advisor by calling 740.774.7731.



Why should I see an advisor?

➢  Advisors are here to help students make the transition to college, but also to

support them as they pursue their educational goals.  Advisors help students select classes according to placement guidelines, make course recommendations, understand transfer credits, explore careers and understand major requirements, and provide support and resources for student’s academic needs.



What should I bring to an appointment with an advisor?

➢  You should your student ID, a DARS report, list of questions you may have, and a 

tentative course schedule. If you come prepared, the advising meeting is much more productive.



What is an “advance registration hold”?

➢  The advance registration hold is an advising hold placed on every student at Ohio

University for Fall and Spring registration. This hold ensures students have the opportunity to meet with an advisor to get help in selecting and registering for classes, discuss major and careers, as well as their overall academic success. Students should see their assigned academic advisor in order to have the hold removed. If you have questions about the advance registration hold, please see an advisor in the Hilltopper Advising Center.



What is a DARS?

➢  DARS stands for “Degree Audit Reporting System”. The DARS is a checklist which 

outlines the required courses for a degree.  The DARS is specific to each student, so you should not follow a DARS printed for someone else. You can request a “What-If” DARS for another major you may be exploring.



What does it mean to be an “Undecided” student?

➢  Each fall thousands of students across the US will enter college not knowing what

they want to study. So you are not alone! As an undecided student, you will take general education courses applicable to the Ohio University general education graduation requirements. Those are courses like English, Math, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, applied science, fine arts, and cross cultural.  Every student seeking any degree at Ohio University is required to have some of these general education courses. The Hilltopper Advising Center hosts workshops and events throughout the year to help students explore majors. See an advisor in the Hilltopper Advising Center to receive help in selecting a major.



What events can I participate in to help me explore majors?

➢  The Hilltopper Advising Center hosts several events throughout the academic year

that students are encouraged to attend. “How to Choose a Major” workshops are hosted in the Fall and Spring semesters. Students complete an assessment and discuss results with an advisor. The “Majors Fair” is hosted each fall and is a large event in which representatives from majors at Ohio University Chillicothe and Main Campus set up an informational booth and visit with students. Announcements of these events are sent via email to students and widely marketed on campus.



What if I don’t know who my advisor is or I can’t find/reach them?

➢  Advisors are assigned based on the student’s intended major. Select the "Advisor

List (.PDF)" link on the left side menu to receive a list of academic advisors by major in .PDF format. If you are unable to locate or meet with your assigned advisor, please make an appointment with an advisor in the Hilltopper Advising Center.



How can I change my assigned advisor?

➢  There is a “change of advisor” form available (here), in the Student Services Office or

in the Hilltopper Advising Center. Simply fill it out and enter the name of your new advisor.



What resources does the Hilltopper Advising Center have?

➢  The Hilltopper Advising Center has dedicated computers for students to use to take 

career assessments, do research on possible majors, and complete registration activities. Additionally, we have resources on careers, transferring, college catalogs, and miscellaneous forms. If you aren’t sure what you need, just stop in and ask!



How often should I meet with my advisor?

➢  Every time you need to register for courses or any other time that you have

questions regarding your academic progress. You are always welcome to drop in for a quick chat, but we recommend at least 3 times a semester. First, prepare a schedule for the upcoming semester, within the first week or two to discuss your current classes, and then again at midterm to discuss your progress and courses for the upcoming semester.



The class I want/need to take is full. Or the class I want requires “permission” to enter.  What do I do?

➢  In the case of full or “permission” only classes, you will need to email or see the 

professor of the course. Using your OHIO student email account, the professor and ask for his/her permission. Once you have received permission, take a printed copy of your email and the professor’s response to the Student Services Office. If you are not able to reach the professor via email, please see them to obtain a “permission slip” (sometimes called a pink slip). Once you have the permission slip, turn it in to the Student Services Office as soon as possible.  Class permission by e-mail policy is available (here).



What is a “What-if” DARS?

➢  Students often ask “What if I was a Communication Studies major? What if I was 

engineering major?” or other similar questions. The DARS is a degree audit for the your major at Ohio University. If you want to explore other majors and see how your completed/current coursework fits into the new major, you can run a “What-if” DARS for the new major. What-if DARS are available from the Hilltopper Advising Center or on-line.




Hilltopper Advising Center

Appointment Scheduling

Bennett Hall 270

T: 740.774.7731




Beth Barnes

Bennett Hall 139 A

T: 740.774.7755




Ashlee Tatman, MEd
Coordinator of Student of Support
Bennett Hall 270
T: 740.774.7229




Martha Tanedo

Bennett Hall 139 B

T: 740.774.7733






Monday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Tuesday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 

Wednesday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Thursday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Friday 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Closed Saturdays/Sundays/University Holidays*