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Four OHIO faculty receive Regional Higher Education Outstanding Faculty Award

October 1, 2022

Four Ohio University regional higher education faculty members received awards in recognition of excellence in teaching.  Nicole Blau, associate professor of communication studies at OHIO Lancaster and Pamela June, associate professor of English at OHIO Eastern were selected as the 2022 Regional Outstanding Tenure Track Professors. Debra Nickles, associate professor of English at OHIO Chillicothe and Debra Dunning, associate professor of education at OHIO Lancaster were selected as Regional Campus Outstanding Instructional Faculty.

The Regional Campus Outstanding Tenure Track Professor and Outstanding Instructional Faculty Award honors faculty at regional campuses who have demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship and service over the last three years.  

OHIO Lancaster committee members nominated Nicole Blau.  “Dr. Blau has demonstrated effective uses of education technology, amounts of discipline related content, and utilization of experiential activities and discussions,” the committee’s nomination noted. “Dr. Blau has established a synergy between her teaching and scholarship and is regarded as an expert in instructional communication methods focusing on teacher-student relationships.”

OHIO Eastern’s nominating committee noted that Pamela June's scholarly work centers on multiethnic women’s literature via the lenses of feminism and ecofeminism.  Her scholarship record is prolific, and it stands out among regional faculty, both in quality and quantity.

OHIO Chillicothe’s nominating committee noted that Debra Nickles demonstrated both an excellence in teaching and an outstanding record of service. They indicated that her list of activities and accomplishments over the last three years was quite impressive and extraordinary, and she is dedicated to her profession, students and community.

In nominating Debra Dunning for the award, OHIO Lancaster’s nominating committee indicated she exceeded the criteria of demonstrating excellent in teaching effectiveness. “Dr. Dunning excels in mentoring and advising students, she is a truly remarkable leader who has shown leadership on our campus, university and throughout the community,” OHIO Lancaster‘s nomination noted.