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OHIO Chillicothe professor awarded Excellence and Resilience in Global Engagement

As recognition for his globally-minded teaching, Dr. Greg Obi, assistant professor and coordinator of the business management technology program, accepted an award during the 2021 International Education Week Gala.

At the gala on Tuesday, Nov. 16, Obi was awarded for his Excellence and Resilience in Global Engagement. The Global Engagement award recognizes faculty and staff who advance significant international understanding, global engagement or international education domestically or abroad through innovation, creativity and inspiration in promoting global education, cultural understanding, intercultural teaching and learning, and/or development of international learning among students, staff, and faculty.

“To me the award is a humbling acknowledgement by my peers of my efforts at bringing global awareness to what we do here at OHIO,” Obi said. “It is also a reflection of the persistence of all of us regional faculty’s hard work at bringing awareness to our students of ideas and events beyond their immediate environment – a fulfillment of that promise of the best transformative education in America.

Obi said his award was not his alone, but a collective win for all RHE faculty and students involved in the globalization of OHIO education. He also thanked his Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) counterpart, Michelle De Bruyn of Stellenbosch University in the Republic of South Africa, with whom he completed a course with students from both institutions.

In addition to being a COIL fellow and member of the University International Council, Obi also published a research article earlier this year in the International Journal of Business and Social Sciences Research. The article, Gender Perceptions of Psychological Empowerment in the Workplace: A Comparative Analysis from Two Cultures, investigates how female and male workers perceive feelings of psychological empowerment using respondents from two different countries — Nigeria and the U.S. — with dissimilar cultural power dynamics.

“I deliberately made a choice to publish in a budding peer reviewed journal from a less developed country,” Obi said. “It is important to me that we in the academia must begin to support and learn from hitherto unheard places in the world just as we learn and publish in those ‘prestigious’ journals from the advanced economies. It is all part of that recognition that we can support and learn from each other in a truly engaged global community.”

To watch the International Education Week Gala, click here.