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2017 News Fall Do Not Drop Event
October 16, 2017 : Do Not Drop Event


October 24 the Ohio University Chillicothe Student Success Center is hosting the first Donut/Do Not Drop event for students struggling with math and writing courses. Organized by Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Math Center Kimber Lang and Assistant Professor and Coordinator of the Writing Center, Deb Nickles with assistance from Associate Dean Brenda Phillips, the goal of the event is to bring awareness to the deadline to drop an individual class and help students determine before that time whether it is best to stay in the class or drop the course.  At Ohio University, students have until the Friday of the tenth week of the semester to withdraw from a course; this year that date is November 3.  Though this date is published in the OU academic calendar and communicated by academic advisors, Nickles, Lang, and Phillips noted that many students still seemed unaware of this date and its importance.  “The drop deadline sneaks up on people,” Lang stated.  “Many students miss the deadline.”


A student may consider withdrawing from an individual class if the student is at risk of failing.  In some cases, students have difficulty grasping material and earn low grades on assignments.  In other cases students get behind in their classes for a variety of reasons and find it nearly impossible to catch up before the end of the semester.  In any case, it is academically better for a student to withdraw from a class rather than fail because a withdraw does not affect a student’s GPA.  A failing grade can often have a severe negative impact on GPA that may be challenging to repair.  


To bring awareness to this and help students decide if it is best to withdraw or possible to improve, the Do Not/Donut Drop event is an opportunity for all students to visit the Student Success Center and get personalized help from one of the talented tutors the Student Success Center employs.  For this event, all available tutors will be ready to assist students however they can.  Students who actively participate in the event by asking questions and working on homework will be rewarded with a free Crispie Crème donut.  Student Tutor Christianna Hines is particularly excited about helping her fellow students.  “This event is such a great opportunity to both accomplish a task and get a free donut! Who wouldn't like some help on an assignment and get a free donut too? Count me in!” Hines stated.

Students should attend the Do Not/Donut Drop event if they need academic assistance, are behind in their work, or they want to get ahead.  Particularly, students who fear they may be failing or too far behind should attend.  Both Lang and Nickles will be available to help students with their studies and advise students on their options.  When the event is over Lang hopes students will have a greater awareness of the add drop date and will hopefully be better prepared for to finish the semester on a high note.  “My hope is that from this event we will see stronger students and stronger grades,” Lang said.
The Do Not/Donut Drop event is Tuesday, October 24 from 3:30pm-6pm in the Student Success Center in the Stevenson Center.