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Fall semester dean's list
January 30, 2017 : Ohio University Chillicothe announces fall semester Dean’s List


Ohio University Chillicothe announces fall semester Dean’s List


Ohio University Chillicothe is pleased to announced the list of students who have been named to the Dean’s List for Fall semester 2016-2017.


To achieve this, students need to earn at least a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher for a minimum of 15 semester hours of credit earned, including at least 12 hours attempted for letter grades that are used to calculate GPA.


Congratulations to the following individuals:


Sierra Adams

David Allen

Brandon Anderson

McKenzie Arledge

Allie Arms

Waylon Artrip

Tabitha Atwood

Monique Bailey

Hannah Bakenhaster

Bailey Barnes

Kendra Barnes

Makenzie Barr

Cameron Bates

Morgan Bivens

Sydney Black

Paige Blanton

Jay Bowdle

Kaleigh Bowen

Drew Brown

Alexis Burris

Brandi Carson
Ashton Carver

Robert Christman IV

Kayla Coder

James Colburn

Lydia Coleman

Alexis Cooper

Madisyn Cox

Danielle Cremeans

Azia Cunningham

Beth Davis

Destiny Dempsey

Naomi Dempsey

Micheyla Didomenico

Justin Dye

Shanna Elam

Bethanie Evans

Bailey Foreman


Sadie Fox

Scott Freeman

Alton Frizzell

Brittany Fulton

Lauren Fyffe

Logan Goebel

Nathan Good

Dylan Gragg

Alec Graves

Brice Graves

Mindee Graves

Chase Green

Mettea Green

James Greiner

Rachel Griffith

Alan Grigsby

Jennifer Grigsby

Adam Grizzell

Julia Hacker

Cameron Hammack

Lauren Haubeil

Amanda Helmick

Olivia Henness

Benjamin Hooks

Christian Hooks

Trenton Howard

Mariah Howell

Kylie Jo Hughes

Bethany Johnson

Kristyn Johnson

Rachael Johnson

Mackenzie Jones

Natalee Jones

Emily Justice

Courtney Keesee

Levi Kelly

Haley Kern

Ty Kitchen


Elle Lamb

Kali Lechner

Whitney Leffler

Dawn Legg

Brent Mallow

Alivia McBee

Angela McCoy

Hannah McDonald

Jared McLeland

Lauren Meadows

Thomas Meinert

Nathan Mettler

Austin Miller

Gabrielle Miller

Ryan Miller

Sylvia Miller

Kaitlyn Mitten

Chasta Montgomery

Chelsea Moon

Tammy Morris

Breeanna Moss

Kristin Mullins

Mattison Mundt

Natalie Neff

Kaitee Neufarth

Charles Newland

Taylor Overly

Lauren Parks

Megan Parsons

Allie Pontius

Tiffany Presley

Christina Reiter

Angelica Rezac

Kayla Rhoads

Nellie Rhoads

Emily Richard

Rachael Ridout

Christopher Rooney


Rachel Roque

Alexis Rose

Emily Ross

Hannah Selby

Rachell Sever

Brittney Seymour

Chase Shanton

Chloe Shea

Josie Shea

Tabitha Shoemaker

Madison Shoenleben

Kaitlyn Shreck

Brittany Smith

Samana Smith

Devin Solomon

Alexis Speck

Mary Stanley

Lauren Starkey

Abigail Storts

Holly Swepston

Noah Takacs

James Thompson

Kaitlyn Thornsberry

Amy Titler

Sarah Uhrig

Breanna Wachovec

Emily Walder

Caitlynn Whitten

Kaitlyn Wolfe

Kyley Wood

Andrew Woods
Gregor Zingarelli