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Dr. Barbara Trube
June 12, 2017 : Trube to present at international conference on mentoring in London


Trube to present at international conference on mentoring in London


Dr. Mary Barbara Trube, Ohio University Chillicothe professor and program coordinator for Early Childhood Education, will be presenting at the 7th International Mentoring and Coaching Research Conference at Greenwich University in London, United Kingdom June 14 through 15, 2017.


The theme of this year’s conference is “putting research at the heart of practice,” whereby keynote speakers, expert panelists and more than 20 session speakers such as Dr. Trube will contribute to the international discourse on identifying best practices in an increasingly globalized and complex world.


Her presentation titled, “Mentoring Support for Diverse Engaged Scholars,” explores evidence based best practices in mentoring conducted through a study in the Midwestern United States. With the help of long-time researching colleague, Dr. Beth Vanderveer, the two investigated the nature and functions of mentoring and mentoring networks employed to nurture the careers of diverse engaged scholars in the teaching and human service professions.


The study findings suggest the benefits of mentoring networks for engaged scholars, especially international faculty, and they outline the nature of effective mentoring. This includes mentors’ skilled use of educational diplomacy within the mentoring network in order to help mentees maintain an orientation toward the professional requirements of teaching, scholarship, and service in the academy.


While presenting on the broader topic of mentoring in the teaching and human services professions, Trube seeks to foster a culture of mentoring at OUC as well.


“I do have the personal goal of fostering a mentoring culture within the education programs at OUC,” she noted. “When our ‘future teacher’ graduates enter the teaching profession, they will be receptive mentees as first-year teachers in the state of Ohio’s resident educator program. Karen Corcoran, Dr. Jamie Harmount and I believe in, and work to facilitate, skills and dispositions needed by our OUC graduates to be excellent mentees, peer mentors, and future mentors.”


Not only will Trube present her research on mentoring engaged scholars, but she will also serve as a panelist discussing research being conducting on new mentoring programs at Ohio University.


Trube credits her success in the mentoring field to her time spent at the University of Texas at Austin, where she earned her doctoral degree in education.


“Cross-cultural mentoring support through mentoring networks was emphasized [in graduate school] because we were a diverse group. My preparation stayed with me and provided a strong foundation for the research focus I’ve pursued for the past seven years, which is mentoring engaged scholars with the skills of education diplomacy,” Trube explained.


The skills of educational diplomacy involve such areas as appreciative inquiry, cultural competence, flexible thinking, mindfulness, reflective practice, and so forth, which will be components of the presentation Trube will give in London. But far from educational diplomacy are the basics of mentoring that people can utilize and apply each day.


“As we work toward our goals in life, we want someone who can impart knowledge, offer support and encouragement, provide honest feedback, and act as a sponsor by helping us connect to networks that foster our future careers – in other words, we need a mentor,” Trube said.


But not only a mentor, she explained, but a mentoring network – one that embodies the characteristics of support, friendship, and encouragement.


“The reality is, we need a mentoring network – our friend who helps us get by, a sponsor who opens doors, a cheerleader who recognizes our uniqueness, and a teacher who challenges us to reach our potential.”


Dr. Trube is an established professor, scholar, author and researcher in the field of education and mentoring. She has served extensively in conjunction with the China, Canada, United States English Immersion (CCUEI) research collaborative since 2000 and is a frequent presenter at the Mentoring Institute of the University of New Mexico. Dr. Trube also serves as a graduate faculty member at the Patton College of Education on Ohio University’s main campus.