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2017 News Shania Logan Wins Art Award
October 30, 2017 : Student Wins Art Award


Ohio University Chillicothe student, Shania Logan, recently received an honorable mention for her photography work at The Hills art exhibition at the Pump House Art Gallery in Chillicothe.  Her award winning photo, featuring an abandoned house in front of a foggy tree-filled skyline, was one of two pieces Logan submitted to the exhibit which ran the entire month of September.  The 106 art submissions were entered into the exhibit by 38 different artists all from within a 75 mile radius of Chillicothe.  Several artistic mediums were represented in addition to photography including sculpture, painting, mixed media, and others.  Logan won one of ten possible awards.

Logan finds inspiration in abandoned sites.  “I like to take in my surroundings and try to find a different perspective in the things we see daily,” Logan said. “I try to frame snapshots in a way that makes you look twice.”  Both the award winning photograph and her other submission, an abandoned tractor in tall grass, were found by driving aimlessly and observing her environment.  While she remembers the tractor photo was taken during a drive through Pike County, Logan does not know where the abandoned house exists.  “I was out driving randomly.  I have never driven by it again,” Logan stated with a smile.  Preferring photography over other mediums, Logan often carries her camera with her to capture a scene as she is inspired.

This is not the first photography award for Logan, a communications major preparing for graduation in 2018.  She also won an honorable mention at the 2017 OUC Student Art Exhibit with a photograph of an abandoned gas station.  Logan has taken several art classes as her elective requirements including both digital and film photography with OUC Associate Lecturer of Art, Darren Baker.  While photography has always been an interest, Logan contributes her skills to these classes where she learned how to set different modes on her camera for different affects, use editing software, prepare photographs for printing or developing, and best present photographs for viewing.  She stated that lessons in photograph presentation were very useful as she now know how to prepare her photographs for exhibition.

After her first public art exhibit submission outside of OUC, Logan is still in awe of what she accomplished.  “This is a pretty big step for me.  I am naturally kind of shy so I have to force myself into situations like that,” Logan said.  “Art can be a really personal part of yourself which can be hard to show others due to possible criticism.  This is my first show outside the University and entering with known artists is a big step.”  After graduation Logan plans to find a position in public relationships while pursing photography on a casual basis.