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2019 News Tech Corner
March 12, 2019 : OHIO University wireless network transition to "Eduroam"


The “OHIO University” wireless network will be phased out mid May and replaced with “Eduroam”.  Eduroam is a worldwide consortium of colleges, universities, and research institutions who have agreed to let faculty, staff, and students access campus wireless services while traveling.  Although the “OHIO University” network is no longer visible, it is still functional (until May). Guests to OHIO University campuses will continue to use the “OHIO University Guest” network by selecting the network and opening a browser and agreeing to the terms and conditions.  No sponsorship is required.


Once you join Eduroam, you will automatically connect to the wireless network on any OHIO campus or other schools using Eduroam.


There are many benefits to migrating to Eduroam including:

•    Better performance –Retiring “OHIO University” will increase wireless coverage

and speed

•    Ease of use – Having fewer network names to select from.
•    Wireless access when traveling


To access Eduroam on an OHIO campus for the first time, open “Wireless Networks” or “Wireless Network Settings” on you laptop, desktop, iPhone, iPad or iPod, and choose “Forget” for both the “OHIO University” and “OHIO University Guest” wireless networks.  Next, choose “Eduroam”.  When prompted for the login and password, enter your complete OHIO email address and password.  If prompted to accept a security certificate, select “Yes” or “OK”.  If prompted to continue connecting, choose "Connect".  After a few seconds, you should be joined to the network.


Accessing the wireless network at other institutions with an Android device requires a download.   The Eduroam CAT Tool App is available from Google Play or the Amazon AppStore.  Follow the instructions to install the tool and choose “Eduraom” as your wireless network.  Again, you will need to use your complete OHIO email address and password.


More information about the “Eduroam” transition can be found at: If you have issues connecting your device, or need assistance, contact the OHIO Chillicothe Help Desk at 740.774.7212, one of the OHIO Chillicothe IT staff members, or the Athens IT Service Desk at 740.593.1222.