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Linda Knight
November 21, 2016 : OTEC program offers students valuable, personal internship experiences

Ohio University’s Associate of Applied Business in Office Technology degree program focuses on office administration and building skills for supervisory and business support positions.  The program aims to help Chillicothe students develop the technical and professional skills needed to succeed in both manufacturing and service settings in administrative positions such as data entry, banking, accounting, desktop publishing, and office supervision.

In addition to classroom instruction and time in an interactive media lab that offers the latest technology and software found in the workplace, the program requires students to participate in internships to further develop their skills. 

“Internships allow students to apply concepts and knowledge they gain in the classroom in a real-world setting,” OTEC Program Coordinator Allison White said. “They also help to provide a well-rounded educational experience for our students and prepare them for their future careers by giving them an edge when looking for jobs. Additionally, employers value this type of experience when interviewing prospective employees.”

Current OTEC students at OUC are gaining valuable practical experience through internships to help them pursue careers and gain essential job skills. Students practice these skills while networking within the community.

Linda Knights, a sophomore from Chillicothe, recently completed an internship as an office assistant with Alvis, a nonprofit human services agency that provides highly effective reentry treatment programs for individuals who have spent time in the criminal justice system.

“This experience has impacted my future career goals because it has given me the desire to work in an environment that is committed to helping others. If given an opportunity, I would not hesitate to return to Alvis House.”

Junior Pamela Porter was tasked with the important responsibility of helping to open the Veterans Services office in Bennett Hall. She had the task of rewriting forms, updating online information, and ensuring pertinent information in the office is accurate and current.

“Through the internship program students are able to see the actual day-to-day operations and learn how to work with the other faculty members and staff, which is important for future jobs and positions. The experience was helpful and fulfilling to me in helping me further my education and learn about the atmosphere of office work,” Porter said.

Beyond this lesson, Porter took away an invaluable lesson. Her OTEC internship experience helped her to realize where she can make an impact through her career.

“Learning to handle the different forms, persons and information confidentially, was very important,” said Porter. “My internship helped me realize that I can do the job and that by doing my job well I am helping others.”

This, ultimately, is the goal of the OTEC program said White. “Through the OTEC program, our students have the opportunity, if they have had no job experience at all or perhaps no experience in the business field, to get something on their resumes that says, 'I’ve done this, I’ve built this skill,'” said White.

As much as these internship experiences have an important impact on students’ career, they also impact them personally and deepen their connections with the local community.

This was the experience for Tami Fletcher, a sophomore originally from Jackson who is currently finishing her degree. Fletcher recently served alongside an OTEC alumni, Teresa Graham, during her internship at Big Brothers Big Sisters in Chillicothe, Ohio.

She recalled an event during her internship when they took the children from the Big Brothers Big Sisters program to a Chillicothe Paints game. “Let me tell you the smiles, laughs, and big-eyed looks when [the kids] got to meet the players was well worth it! That is what I'll remember about my time there, not just the time it took to raise the money or organize the function and not the mass confusion of collecting the kids, getting them there and keeping them all together, but definitely it would be the smiles.”


In addition to earning an associate degree, OTEC students have the option of pursuing tracks in both medical and legal office administration. Legal courses are on the schedule for spring 2017 along with several online course offerings as the program offers the opportunity for degree completion fully online.

Ultimately, the OTEC program gives students interested in technology the perfect opportunity to achieve in future endeavors. It provides students with many resources to help them become successful upon graduating.  

For more information about the Chillicothe Campus OTEC program, contact Allison White at or (740) 774-7256.