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Quinn Library Mission, Vision and Values



Quinn Library provides excellent service, education, and resources to all of our stakeholders - faculty, staff, students, and community members – by creating opportunities for transformative intellectual and cultural exchange and affording access to an exceptional special collection.


Quinn Library will be a point of pride for the Ohio University Chillicothe campus and wider community.


Exemplary Service:

The library holds paramount the provision of exemplary service to faculty, students, staff, and community members as they seek information in pursuit of their intellectual goals.


The library lends significant support to university retention efforts through the empowerment of all of our students by giving them the tools to achieve success through information literacy education.


As a fundamentally co-curricular entity, the library recognizes the synergistic benefits of collaboration with other organizations and university units.


The library strives toward the employment of the latest innovations in methods and technologies to best serve our patrons.

Encouragement of Development:

The library supports the inherent potential of our region by encouraging the development of social, economic and cultural capital through outreach and civic engagement.

Responsibility to Steward:

The library takes on the responsibility to steward both the informational tools of the mind and the intellectual life that employs those tools.

Equal Access:

The library supports the development of critical thinking skills through the provision of equal access for all library stakeholders to information from divergent points of view.


The library recognizes the necessity of assessment as a critical component of all initiatives.

Quinn Library collects resources that support the library’s mission, vision and values.


Quinn Library

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