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The Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree at Ohio University Chillicothe is a unique opportunity for the student to create a degree program that fits their specific educational niche that the University can’t meet through already established degree programs. The student can create a hybrid major from selecting coursework from 2-3 other majors available at OUC. The student works in conjunction with an academic advisor and faculty members to design the right combination and depth of coursework that meets their specific career goals.

This course of study is best for students that have a defined career goal and can clearly identify skills, concepts, or areas for further study. The student must clearly identify career intentions at the time of application.




The Specialized Studies curriculum is determined by the student and preapproved by a review committee. There are no specific courses or academic area requirements within the area of concentration. The student will select 30 hours of coursework as an area of concentration, from different areas of study, ensuring coherence and educational purpose. Students may think of the area of concentration as their new major. For example, a student might choose courses from Business, Communications and Coaching Education to create an Athletic Marketing major.


Students are required to meet all University undergraduate general education requirements as well as other residency requirements as outlined in the Ohio University academic catalog (here).




The ability for you to create your own degree plan is what makes the Associate in Individualized Study degree an attractive option. Courses are offered on the Chillicothe campus and some options may be available on-line, however course offerings and locations will be dictated by the departments that you have chosen to include in your area of concentration. For example, if you chose courses with lab components like biology or chemistry, those courses will likely only be available on campus.




To qualify for admission, you must be a high school graduate or GED recipient and be in good academic standing. You must work in conjunction with the academic advisor and faculty to complete the application for admission to this program. The application can be found (here).




Students are eligible for many different financial aid resources. These include:

➢  Federal Grants and Loans

➢  Ohio University Scholarships

➢  State Grants and Loans


To begin the process, you should apply for financial aid at www.fafsa.gov as soon as possible. For Ohio University Chillicothe, use the University Federal School Code: 003100 and 003102.


For more information about the financial aid process, contact our Financial Aid Office at (740) 774-7289 or toll free at (877) GO-2-OUCH.




Ohio University believes that, as an educated person, you need certain intellectual skills in order to participate effectively in society. These include: the ability to communicate through the written word, the ability to use quantitative or symbolic reasoning, and broad knowledge of the major fields of learning. Therefore, students must take general education courses to complete a degree.



Suggested Program Template

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The student begins the Bachelor of Specialized Studies degree with their career in mind. Since the student clearly identified career intentions at the time of application and the program is so specific, they have already identified the skills they need to gain entry into their specific field. Students may work with the advisor and/or faculty to develop an internship for further experience.




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