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Imagine your future with a Bachelor of Arts in History. By examining human agency and exploring the choices, limitations, achievements and failures of past peoples, history majors better understand the creation of the present and appreciate options for the future. Historians don’t just study the past; they develop the ability to read critically, research thoroughly, and express ideas carefully and persuasively.


History majors benefit from requirements that ensure chronological and geographical breadth and depth of knowledge while allowing for considerable flexibility and an individualized course of study. Students completing the degree requirements will earn a Bachelor of Arts in History degree.


The History program features a unique learning environment complete with multimedia classrooms.


Bennett Hall, located at the center of the Ohio University Chillicothe campus, is home to the History program.


To qualify for admission, a student must be a high school graduate or GED recipient. Students not meeting these requirements should contact the Admissions Office at Ohio University Chillicothe for further information concerning admission. Students completing the degree requirements will earn a Bachelors Degree in History.


Students are eligible for many different financial aid resources. These include:

➢  Federal Grants and Loans

➢  Ohio University Scholarships

➢  State Grants and Loans

To begin the process, you should apply for financial aid at as soon as possible. For OHIO Chillicothe, use the University Federal School Code: 003100 and 003102.

For more information about the financial aid process, contact our Financial Aid Office at (740) 774-7289 or toll free at (877) GO-2-OUCH.


All students at Ohio University complete a three-tiered General Education curriculum to complement degree specific coursework. Each tier focuses on the development of certain intellectual abilities and skills necessary for effective participation in a complex and changing society. The curriculum may be pursued on either a full-time or part-time basis with day, evening, and online classes available. Students typically start fall semester, but may enter the program at any point during the academic calendar. Full-time students should enroll in 15 or more credit hours per semester. A minimum of seven credit hours of coursework each semester is recommended. Students completing the degree requirements will earn a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History.


Historical study is often very comparative, with constant attention to global conditions, majors are well prepared for a variety of careers in today’s global marketplace, in the public and private sectors as analytical, creative, articulate and informed thinkers. Studying history prepares students for professional careers, as well as satisfies their curiosity about the past as it relates to the future. History majors benefit from requirements that ensure chronological and geographical breadth and depth of knowledge while allowing for considerable flexibility and an individualized course of study.


Students who graduate with the History degree can expect to pursue careers in multiple areas. From education to working in a museum, or initiating one’s career in the practice of law, a range of opportunities exist for successful graduates. 


Major Code (BA4211)


HIST 1320 - Introduction to World History Before 1750
HIST 1330 - Introduction to World History Since 1750
HIST 2000 - Survey of U.S. History, 1600-1877
HIST 2010 - Survey of U.S. History, 1865-present
HIST 3000 - Atlantic History
HIST 3002 - Colonial British North America
HIST 3004 - Revolutionary Era
HIST 3070 - Famous Trials in American History
HIST 3090 - American Constitutional History

Part 1: Origins to Reconstruction

HIST 3095 - American Constitutional History,1880s-Present
HIST 3111J - Historical Research and Writing
HIST 3162 - History of U.S. Involvement in World Affairs, 1898-1945
HIST 3211 - American Military History, 1600-present
HIST 3230 - Latin American History: The Colonial Era
HIST 3371 - Middle East History 1500 to the present
HIST 3463 - History of China from Antiquity to the Early Modern Era
HIST 3480 - Traditional Japan
HIST 3481 - Modern Japan
HIST 3531 - The Barbarian West: Europe 400-1000
HIST 3532 - History of the Crusades
HIST 3533 - Europe in the Middle Ages, 1000-1350
HIST 3540 - History of Early Christianity


Training in history prepares graduates for a variety of careers as diverse as: Educator; Museum Curator; Archivist; Librarian; Lawyer; Government Official; Entrepreneur; Journalist; Policy Consultant, and Politician. Successful graduates work around the world in the Foreign Service, NGOs, international corporations and governmental agencies, in the armed forces and in education.


The first step to becoming an Ohio University Chillicothe student is to complete an application online or in person at the Office of Student Services in Bennett Hall. The next step is to contact your high school and/ or previous colleges attended to request official transcripts be sent directly to Ohio University Chillicothe.

We invite you to visit and explore the educational opportunities and campus life available at Ohio University Chillicothe.


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