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Bachelor Degree Programs Offered in Chillicothe:

Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (BSAM)
This degree provides students with knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for advancement in the field of management. For the student with an associate degree, the program integrates the general and technical skills developed within associate degree programs with the professional skills and dispositions inculcated in a bachelor's of management degree program.

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice (BCJ)
This degree is designed for students who have already completed an associate's degree in a related area such as Law Enforcement Technology, Human Services Technology, Corrections Technology, or Police Administration.

Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies (COMS)
Courses combine theory and practice as students are taught the historical and conceptual foundations of the communication field. At the same time, they equip students with skills in speaking, writing, critical thinking, discussion, and problem solving. The individual concentrations and their associated courses specialize in different branches of the communication field.

Bachelor of Science in Education – Early Childhood Education (EDEC)
This degree prepares students to teach children three years old through third grade. In addition to being qualified to teach in primary grades, students will be prepared to teach in pre-primary programs, such as public school preschools, private pre-kindergarten schools, childcare centers and Head Start Programs.

Bachelor of Science in Middle Childhood Education (EDMC)
The Middle Childhood Education program includes six majors with academic specializations in any two of the following content specializations: Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies. This major will prepare you to teach in grades 4-9 in Ohio.

Bachelor of Arts in History (HIST)
The undergraduate program in history for professional careers, as well as satisfies their curiosity about the past as it relates to the future. History majors benefit from requirements that ensure chronological and geographical breadth and depth of knowledge while allowing for considerable flexibility and an individualized course of study. Successful graduates work around the world in the Foreign Service, NGOs, international corporations and governmental agencies, in the armed forces and in education.

Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration (HSA)
This degree prepares you for entry-level management and staff positions in all sectors of the health care industry. Students will be prepared for positions in acute, sub-cute, and ambulatory care facilities such as hospitals, clinics, home health agencies, manages care organizations, and other emerging health delivery systems.

Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology (BA2128)
The Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology, with a major in biological sciences, is designed for students interested in human biology and its application to allied health care professions (e.g., occupational therapy, genetic counseling, and, with careful choice of electives, physician assistant and physical therapy programs). This curriculum is also suitable for students who wish to enter law, public health, and health policy fields with a strong science background.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)
This four-year undergraduate degree provides the classroom and clinical education to prepare graduates for the challenges of complex and changing health-care systems. Upon completion, the graduate is prepared to take the National Council Licensure Examination which leads to licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN).

Bachelor of Social Work (SW)
The undergraduate program in social work prepares students for beginning social work practice at the undergraduate level. Students will complete course work in human behavior and the social environment, social welfare history, and policy, research, social work practice methods, and field instruction.

Bachelor of Science in Specialized Studies (BSS)
By its nature, the specialized studies degree is unique to each individual. Making a general statement regarding career preparation impractical. The application process, however, requires a statement of rationale for pursuing the major and for selection of the curriculum plan. This statement includes the student's educational and career goals. Many B.S.S. students design a major with a specific career or graduate program in mind.

Bachelor of Science in Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS)
This degree is primarily intended for students who have already completed an applied associate degree from an accredited community college, regional campus, or technical college, and who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree. It provides students with knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for advancement in their chosen careers, and integrates the technical skills developed within applied associate degree programs with the professional skills inculcated in a bachelor's degree program.