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The safety and security of our students, staff, faculty, and visitors is of paramount importance at OUC. On the pages that follow, you will find extensive information. Please take the time to read through the material and to bookmark key pages on your computer or device.


On these following pages, you will find information that tells you about:


➢ Alerts including those that affect the campus (such as a power outage) or health

(such as an illness).

➢ Announcements will inform you about key events taking place on campus.

➢ Class cancelations, while rare, do happen. This page will let you know about

cancelations due to faculty illness or professional responsibilities or because of severe weather.

➢ Emergency Procedures provide you with a full set of information on preparedness

and response protocol. Please take the time now to review preparedness tips so that you will be ready if an emergency occurs. When an event is underway, such as a tornado, you will have to take action immediately. Know what to do beforehand so that you can respond in a life-saving manner during an emergency.

➢ Incident Reporting and Safety Forms will enable you to let us know about something

that happened to you or to others. From traffic-related accidents to a slip on the stairs, take the time to fill out the form and deliver it to the proper office.

➢ The Clery Act requires that all universities report crimes that happen on their

campuses. The information posted here lets you know about concerns happening on our campus.

➢ The Parking Policy gives you an overview of where you can park and what kinds of

violations should be avoided.

➢ Security officers patrol the grounds routinely. As the eyes and ears of OUC, they will

be available to both assist you and to report potential violations.