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Don the green and white OHIO uniform and join the performance sport of cheerleading at OHIO Chillicothe. Being an OHIO Chillicothe cheerleader will offer you an opportunity to make new friends, be a vital part of campus life, and to make your college experience more memorable. 

As an OHIO Chillicothe sport, cheerleading promotes discipline, dedication, and athleticism. Our OHIO Chillicothe co-ed squad cheers for basketball games and participates in college and community events. 

Tryout for the cheerleading team and enjoy a front-row seat to every game!

Why Cheerleading?

  • Cheer is the fastest growing sport for women in the U.S.

  • Cheerleaders are considered to be student-athletes nationwide.
  • Cheerleading teaches and requires balance, flexibility, core strength, and coordination.
  • Cheerleaders enjoy some of the highest levels of team-building and camaraderie in any sport.
  • Cheering promotes rigorous training that lays a foundation for a lifetime of fitness.
  • Cheering is for both women and men.
  • Athletes lift weights, but cheerleaders lift people!
  • Because a successful team beats with one heart.
  • After all, without cheerleaders, it’s just a game.


Check back often for upcoming announcements.


If you are interested in playing sports at OHIO Chillicothe you must have a minimum of 7 credit hours on the campus and maintain an accumulative GPA of 1.7.  For tryouts or more information, please contact the coach or download and complete the Prospective Player Profile Form in .PDF format (here), and mail it today. Complete instructions, as well as the mailing address, are located in the document.


Kim McKimmy
Athletic Director
Shoemaker Center
T: 740.774-7222


Team Roster

Title Name
2019-2020 Hilltoppers Staff
Advisor Stacy Hazelton-Brooks


  Name Year     High School Hometown Major
2019-2020 Hilltoppers Roster
  Black, Aly       Greenfield   Nursing
  Patterson, Daesha       Chillicothe   Nursing
  Salisbury, Clairissa       New Lexington   Psychology


Date Opponent Overall/ORCC Result
2019-2020 Hilltoppers Schedule

Contact Us

Title Contacts Phone Number Office
2019-2020 Hilltoppers Contacts
Advisor Stacy Hazelton-Brooks   Shoemaker Center 115 Coaches Office



Aly Black

Aly Back

Stacy Hazelton Brooks, Advisor

Stacy Hazelton-Brooks, Advisor

Daesha Patterson

Daesha Patterson

Clairissa Sailsbury

Clairissa Sailsbury