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Bruce Lombardo Internship Announced

Bruce Lombardo Internship Announced

The internship is dedicated to honor Bruce Lombardo (1956-2017), retired teacher, published author, conservationist and biologist who worked at the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park as well as several other cultural sites in the area.

The internship is designed to support a worthy Ohio University student in a paid internship position with the Hopewell Culture National Historical Park. In this position, the student will have the opportunity to assist the park in a variety of ways depending on the student's interest/background and the needs of the park. Such opportunities include aiding with educational programs and youth outreach activities; communication and research projects; and assisting rangers. The goal of such an internship is to instill an appreciation of the significance of the prehistoric people through their complex system of earthworks and burial mounds while simultaneously expanding and enriching students' experiences. 

Each year, one intern will be chosen to receive compensation of up to $6,000 to work with Chillicothe's Hopewell Culture National Park in the summer months. The intern will be mentored by a Hopewell Culture National Historical Park ranger as well as an Ohio University professor throughout her/his internship. Additionally, the intern will submit a 3-5 page essay at the end of the summer in which s/he provides an overview of what s/he has learned through the experience. 

In February each year, a group made up of 2 representatives from OHIO Chillicothe, 2 representatives from the Friends of Hopewell Culture, and Dr. Richard Rooney (or his representative) will review the applications and determine the internship recipient. Two alternates will also be identified. The fellowship recipient will be notified of her/his award before the end of the spring term to aid in proper planning. 

Applications are to be submitted to Ann Holmes in the Dean's Office (holmesa1@ohio.edu). Applications should include the following: (1) an application letter that summarizes the applicant's interest in Hopewell culture and internship, along with what the student hopes to learn from the placement, and (2) a letter of recommendation from an Ohio University faculty member detailing the student's suitability for the internship. 

Deadline for applications is Tuesday, March 15, 2022