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SOPTI is a Basic Peace Officer Training Academy that is conducted in strict compliance to all rules and regulations prescribed by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council (OPOTC). Students must meet the requirements set forth by the OPOTC, including a criminal background check.


The Southern Ohio Police Training Institute provides cadets with access to excellent facilities and equipment. Cadets will train at a certified firearms site, conduct driving exercises and traffic stops both on and off campus, engage in physical fitness training at Shoemaker gym, learn unarmed self-defense at the SOPTI building on the Ohio University Chillicothe Emergency Response Training Center, and take classes inside the Ohio University Chillicothe Technical Building. Cadets are provided with equipment suitable to both classroom and practical training including course materials, vehicles, protective equipment, first aid and AED support, and more.


Veteran and military affiliated students who attend Ohio University Chillicothe’s Southern Ohio Police Training Institute are now be able to use their Veterans Affairs (VA) education benefits to cover the cost of this program because it has been approved by the Department of Veterans Affairs.


SOPTI Printable Program Brochure


2015 SOPTI Logo Small

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SOPTI is approximately seven and a half months in length and is offered through the Ohio University Chillicothe Continuing Education program. SOPTI provides the cadet with the fundamentals of entry - level peace officer training, required for those seeking certification and employment as a law enforcement officer.


Class is held Monday through Friday from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. and on some weekends from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. SOPTI offers a mixed training environment with hands on as well as classroom instruction. Cadets receive expert training under the diligent supervision of over 25 experienced instructors from some of the top laws enforcement agencies in the state of Ohio.




Emphasis on academic performance.
OPOTC certified law enforcement instructors dedicated to teaching tomorrow’s

officers to serve and protect.

Convenient evening and weekend classes.
Affordable payment plans.

Veteran’s Administration benefits may apply - see (here).

New training facility.
Job placement opportunities.
Internship with local law enforcement agencies.
 Mixed training environment:

Hands on field training.
Classroom instruction.




2019 Academy: Enrolling Now - Academy Begins May 6, 2019

SOPTI Printable Candidate Information Packet


Ohio Peace Officer Basic Training Academy Costs

Tuition costs are subject to change without notice at the discretion of Ohio University. Please refer to a schedule of classes for further tuition information or to the Ohio University Chillicothe website.

SOPTI Academy Tuition & Fees: $5150.00
 Firearm, Duty Belt and Equipment, Black Boots, Black Belt & Gym

Clothing: $ Variable

 5.11 Uniform Shirts and Pants: Included
Shotgun Ammunition: Provided
 Possible Fees From Law Enforcement Agencies For Providing Fingerprinting

For Criminal Background Check: $ Variable

Medical Fees To Your Physician For A Physical Exam & Drug Screen: $ Variable




2014 SOPTI Initial PT Assessment

To prepare for the physical readiness required for law enforcement work, SOPTI cadets complete a rigorous physical training regimen as part of their coursework. Cadets must pass physical fitness tests at the completion of SOPTI training.

OPOTA Physical Fitness Requirements




2014 SOPTI Subject Control

Each cadet will complete seventy-eight mandatory hours of subject control. At the end of the seventy-eight hours, the cadet will be able to demonstrate the principles of defensive posture, subject approach and control, strikes, takedowns, handcuffing, ground defense, weapon retention, escapes, impact weapons, environmental weapons, shot avoidance, edged weapon defense, and ethical decision making and critical thinking in a practical application.




2017 SOPTI Firing Range

Each cadet must complete a criminal background check to ensure clearance for the range and then complete sixty hours of firearms training. Firearms is a mandatory skill topic that all cadets must pass. The firearms qualifications include but are not limited to pistol, shotgun, and other scenarios.




2015 SOPTI Driving

All cadets must obtain a valid driver's license to be eligible to complete the OPOTA skill area of Driving. Cadets are also trained to safely and effectively conduct traffic stops through scenario-based practical exercises. All cadets are provided instruction and must pass several practical skills tests including, Stops and Approaches, Driving, Crime Scene, Building Searches, Speed Measuring Devices, and Standardized Field Sobriety Testing.




Terri Mikesh
Academy Commander

Southern Ohio Police Training Institute
Technology and Business Development Center 110
T: 740.774.7286
F: 740.774.7214




Jim McKean, PhD
Executive Director

Southern Ohio Police Training Institute
Technology and Business Development Center 129
T: 740.774.7708
F: 740.774.7214