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The Bachelor of Technical and Applied Studies (BTAS), offered at Ohio University Chillicothe is primarily intended for students who have already completed a two-year degree program from an accredited community college, regional campus, or technical college, and who wish to pursue a baccalaureate degree.


The program provides students with knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for advancement in their chosen careers and integrates the technical skills developed within associate degree programs with the professional skills in a bachelor’s degree program.


As a completion degree, the BTAS utilizes 60 hours of associate degree credit, of which a minimum of 24 hours must be in a degree field. A minimum of 120 hours are needed to meet the requirements for a baccalaureate degree. In addition to the 36-38 hours of major requirements, the student should expect to spend up to 18 hours meeting general education requirements and prerequisites. The remaining 4-12 hours are elective. At least 30 of these hours must be completed at the upper division (3000/4000) level. Consultation with an academic advisor is highly recommended.

To see a sample of the Bachelors of Science Degree in Technical and Applied Studies, please scroll down to tentative semester planner.


Bachelor of Technical And Applied Studies (BTAS) Printable Program Brochure



The Technical and Applied Studies curriculum may be pursued on either a full-time or part-time basis with day and evening classes available. Students typically start fall semester, but may enter the program at any point during the academic calendar. Full-time students should enroll in 15 or more credit hours per semester. Part-time students may pursue the degree at a rate they desire; however, a minimum of seven credit hours of course work each semester is recommended. Students completing the degree requirements will earn a Bachelor’s in Technical and Applied Studies.




The BTAS program features a unique learning environment complete with multimedia classrooms, opportunities to use surrounding communities as a laboratory, and opportunities to consult with local leaders as content experts.




Many BTAS classes are held in the Shoemaker Center on the eastern side of campus.




To qualify for admission, a student must have completed an associate’s degree or 60 hours of associate degree credit with 24 hours in a technical field from an accredited university. Students not meeting these requirements should contact the Admissions office at Ohio University Chillicothe for further information concerning admission.




A student must complete the BTAS major core requirements consisting of 9 hours. In addition, 28-32 must be completed, but a student has come choice with these hours.




Students are eligible for many different financial aid resources. These include:

➢  Federal Grants and Loans

➢  Ohio University Scholarships

➢  State Grants and Loans


To begin the process, you should apply for financial aid at as soon as possible. For Ohio University Chillicothe, use the University Federal School Code: 003100 and 003102.


For more information about the financial aid process, contact our Financial Aid Office at (740) 774-7289 or toll free at (877) GO-2-OUCH.




Ohio University believes that, as an educated person, you need certain intellectual skills in order to participate effectively in society. These include: the ability to communicate through the written word, the ability to use quantitative or symbolic reasoning, and broad knowledge of the major fields of learning. Therefore, students must take general education courses to complete a degree.




A Bachelors Degree in Technical and Applied Studies includes three specific courses where a student identifies an area of interest and follows that interest throughout the program.

➢  In TAS 3010 Introduction to Technical and Applied Studies a student is introduced to

the major and the potential careers that can be pursued through this degree. A student will choose a topic in an area of interest that will be studied throughout the degree program.

➢  In TAS 3210 Research in Technical and Applied Studies a student learns about

various kinds and ways to conduct research. A student will also expand on the topic chosen in the introductory course and research that topic to see what the experts in the field have to say.

➢  In TAS 4510 Capstone in Technical and Applied Studies a student learns about

professionalism and career preparation. A student will also take the topic chosen in the introductory course and studied in the research course and conduct his/her own project on the topic.





Students who completed this degree have areas of interest such as:

➢  Leadership
➢  Business
➢ Human Services
➢  Communications
➢  Psychology
➢  Counseling
➢  Education
➢  Social Work
➢  Criminal Justice

➢  Environmental Technology
➢  Office Adminstration
➢  Health Technology
➢  Computer Science
➢  And Many, Many Other Areas



Suggested Program Template

This is a sample template to complete the degree in 2 years. In addition to the major requirements, you must meet university general education requirements of Tier II courses: a minimum of 21 semester hours of TIER II courses that are spread out in the 6 categories.

Associate’s degree OR 90 quarter hours/60 semester hours completed

Tentative Semester Planner Information



TAS 3010 Introduction to Technical and Applied Studies
EDCE 4100 Human Relations
EDCE 4400 Foundations in Group Dynamics Social Political, or Cultural

Issues Class

ENG 3080J Junior Composition



MATH 2500 Introduction to Statistics
PSY 1110 Elementary Statistical Reasoning
PSY 2110 Statistics for the Behavioral Science
EDCE 4000 Special Topics: Guidance, Counseling, & Student Personnel

#### XXXX Any Unmet Tier I or Tier II General Education



TAS 3210 Research for Technical and Applied Studies

Social Political, or Cultural Issues Class

#### XXXX Any Unmet Tier I or Tier II General Education



EDCE 2010 Career and Life Planning Seminar

TAS 4900 Leadership and Organizational Development
TAS 4510 Technical and Applied Studies Capstone Seminar


*Note: This is your Tier III General Education Requirement Social Political, or Cultural Issues Class




This program is designed to prepare students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue professional careers. Our small class atmosphere encourages a high-level of student participation and offers opportunities for one-to-one student-professor interaction. Please visit our campus and explore the educational opportunities that await you at Ohio University Chillicothe.




With appropriate advising, students will take a sequence of courses that will:

➢  Meet Ohio University’s general education and baccalaureate degree requirements.
➢  Follow naturally from and amplify the learning experiences in the students associate

degree subject areas.

➢  Qualify individuals for advancement in their workplaces.




Ohio Students who earn a Bachelors of Science Degree in Technical and Applied Studies work in a variety of positions in areas like insurance, banking, social work, counseling, management, training, etc. Students who have completed this degree have gone on to pursue graduate degrees in areas like counseling, education, social work, and business to just name a few.


Information about the Faculty

Donna L. Burgraff, EdD
Associate Professor
RHE Program Coordinator
Shoemaker Center 213C
T: 740.774.7204
F: 740.774.7280



Donna L. Burgraff, EdD

Associate Professor
RHE Program Coordinator
Shoemaker Center 213C
T: 740.774.7204
F: 740.774.6797