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Complete YOUR Passion! The Bachelor of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) program provides students with the knowledge, skills, and dispositions necessary for advancement in the field of management. For the student with an associate degree, OUC offers the BSAM as a completion degree. The BSAM integrates general and technical skills developed within the associate’s degree program with the professional skills and dispositions embodied in a bachelor degree.

Bachelor of Applied Management Printable Program Brochure




The BSAM program is available in an online format for in-career professionals and for students desiring schedule flexibility. Online students complete coursework from the convenience of their own computer without attending traditional classes.




The BSAM curriculum may be pursued on either a full-time or part-time basis with day, evening, and online classes available. Students typically start fall semester, but may enter the program at any point during the academic calendar. Full-time students should take 15 or more credit hours per semester in order to complete the degree in two years. Part-time students may pursue the degree at a rate they desire, however a minimum of seven credit hours of course work each semester is recommended. Students completing the degree requirements will earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Management degree.




The BSAM program features a unique learning environment complete with multimedia classrooms and an online learning philosophy for the student of “anytime, anywhere”




On - campus BSAM classes are held in the new Technology and Business Development Center located near the Shoemaker Center on the eastern side of campus. Online courses are available through the convenience of your schedule via your personal computer.




The Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Management (BSAM) degree is primarily intended for students who have completed a two-year degree program (90+ quarter hours or 60+ semester hours) from an accredited community college, regional campus, or technical college and who would like to further their education by completing the requirements for a baccalaureate degree.




In addition to the general education University requirements, a student must complete 15 credit hours of Professional Skills courses and 24 credit hours of BSAM major courses. 


To see a sample of the Bachelors of Science Degree in Applied Management degree program, please scroll down to tentative semester planner.




Students are eligible for many different financial aid resources. These include:

➢  Federal Grants and Loans

➢  Ohio University Scholarships

➢  State Grants and Loans

To begin the process, you should apply for financial aid at as soon as possible. For Ohio University Chillicothe, use the University Federal School Code: 003100 and 003102.


For more information about the financial aid process, contact our Financial Aid Office at (740) 774-7289 or toll free at (877) GO-2-OUCH.




Ohio University believes that, as an educated person, you need certain intellectual skills in order to participate effectively in society. These include: the ability to communicate through the written word, the ability to use quantitative or symbolic reasoning, and broad knowledge of the major fields of learning. Therefore, students must take general education courses to complete a degree.




A Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management includes:

➢  Complete YOUR Passion: by enhancing the technical skills gained in the associate

degree field where their true career passion lies with the skills and dispositions necessary to manage an operation within that field of interest.

➢  Flexibility: with both on-campus and online course availability.

➢  Professional skills courses: 15 credit hours including statistics, business law,

computer applications, strategic communication, and a leadership elective.

➢  Major courses: 21 credit hours including accounting, marketing, management

information systems, managing processes, supervisory management, financial management, and strategic management.

➢  Professional internship: 3 credit hours to provide students with an opportunity to

apply their coursework and enhance the student's ability to achieve their personal learning and career objectives by providing the opportunity for participation in day-to-day activities of a business concern for 15 consecutive weeks.

➢  Minor/Concentration: students are encouraged to declare a minor or focus their 

elective courses in a specific discipline or field to complement their BSAM degree.



Suggested Program Template

This is a sample template to complete the degree in 2 years. In addition to the major requirements, you must meet university general education requirements of Tier II courses: a minimum of 21 semester hours that are spread out in the 6 categories.

Tentative Semester Planner Information


ATCH 2090 Business Statistics
MATH 2500 Introduction to Statistics
SAM 3020  Consumer Marketing
BMT 2000  Introduction to Business Computing

CTCH 1250 Introduction to Computers

MIS 2011 Introduction to Information Analysis and Design
BUSL 2000 Law and Society

#### XXXX Tier II, Minor, or Upper Level Requirement


SAM 3050  Supervision Management
SAM 3250J Strategic Managerial Communication

SAM 3000  Managing Systems and Projects

SAM 1000  Entrepreneurial Accounting


ACCT 1010 Foundations of Accounting
#### XXXX Tier II, Minor, or Upper Level Requirement


SAM 3010  Managing Processes and Supply Chains

SAM 3100  Foundations of Financial Management
SAM 4900  Leadership - 
Required Professional Skills Elective

#### XXXX Tier II, Minor, or Upper Level Requirement

#### XXXX Tier II, Minor, or Upper Level Requirement


SAM 4700 Managing Strategically in the Future (Capstone, TIII)  
SAM 3910 Internship

#### XXXX Tier II, Minor, or Upper Level Requirement

#### XXXX Tier II, Minor, or Upper Level Requirement

#### XXXX Tier II, Minor, or Upper Level Requirement




With appropriate advising, students will take a sequence of courses that will enable them to pursue their passion by:

➢  Meeting Ohio University’s general education and baccalaureate degree requirements.
➢  Following naturally from and amplifying the learning experiences in their associate

degree subject areas.

➢  Qualifying them for an immediate career in management or for entry into a Master of

Business Administration (M.B.A.) program.




Ohio University students who earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Management degree work in a variety of positions in a variety of industries. The degree equips students to manage operations from small businesses to large corporations.




Tanya Hire
Assistant Professor

Program Advisor, Chillicothe Campus
Bachelor of Science in Applied Management
Technology and Business Development Center 107
T: 740.774.7284

F: 740.774.7214



Information about the Faculty

Tanya Hire
Assistant Professor
Technology & Business Development Center 107
T: 740.774.7284
Obadiah Harris
Adjunct Faculty
Bennett Hall 259
Karen Patterson
Adjunct Faculty
Bennett Hall 259