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➢  Founded in 1946, Ohio University - Chillicothe is the first regional campus in the state. For

more than 60 years, OUC has remained true to its mission of preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow and additionally providing service to the region.


➢  OUC is in the fortunate position of being part of a great, national university and is also an engaged

member of the Chillicothe/Ross County community.


 English faculty member Debra Nickles participated in the Responsibility, Creativity and the

Arts of Language: 105th Annual Convention, hosted by the National Council of Teachers of English. Nickles submitted a call for papers pertaining to college readiness in writing and was selected to present about her own work in this area.


➢ Early education students Megan Patterson and Sharles Thompson have participated in the

Ohio University-sponsored Consortium for Overseas Student Teaching (COST) program, which offers teacher candidates the opportunity to live and student-teach abroad in English-speaking classrooms for a semester. Patterson has taught in Costa Rica, while Thompson pursued her international experience in the Netherlands. The experience allows students to grow and expand, both personally and professionally, gaining insights about diversity that are invaluable to educators and professionals in all fields.


 English faculty member Tony Vinci, Ph.D., earned the “Best Paper” award for a presentation

he gave at the International Popular Culture Conference in Seattle, Wash. His work was selected on the bases of content, style and significance.


➢ The artwork of OU-C art faculty member Darren Baker has been selected as part of the

exhibition “Earthy Delights” at the Ohio Arts Council’s Riffe Gallery in Columbus. The Riffe Gallery showcases the work of Ohio’s premier artists and the collections of the state’s museums and galleries. Baker’s work is titled Vestige, 2010, Giclee Print.


➢  Kenneth Larimore, Ph.D., assistant professor of social work, co-authored Social Work

and Social Welfare: A Practical Guide for Future Practitioners. The workbook takes a practical approach to the profession and helps students gain an understanding of what the social work field is all about by addressing the 10 competencies that social workers must muster and to understand definitions of key words prominent in the profession. Among outcomes, the workbook should help to provide students with the insights they need to determine if social work is the right profession for them, particularly in terms of making their impact. He is implementing the book into the Social Work 1000 class. is in the fortunate position of being part of a great, national university and is also an 

engaged member of the Chillicothe/Ross County community.


➢  OUC and Adena Health System have formed a partnership to offer a Bachelor’s of

Science in Nursing program. The collaboration combines the resources of two organizations with common goals and a shared vision of improving the quality of life for area residents. The partnership offers students the best of both worlds in terms of blending the campus’ academic resources and Adena’s capabilities, including the world-class facilities of the PACCAR Center. The two local organizations continue to work together in several endeavors that ensure area residents have access to high-quality health care.


➢  The 15 graduates of the first class of the BASE (Baccalaureate of Science in Nursing: 

Accelerated Direct Entry Second Degree Education) program achieved a 100 percent pass rate on the NCLEX (National Council Licensure Examination) exam. Each graduate is now licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN) and eligible to pursue a career in the field of nursing. The innovative program allows students who hold at least a bachelor's degree in various majors to pursue accelerated study toward a bachelor’s degree in nursing (BSN) in as few as five semesters, spanning approximately two years.


➢  OUC associate professor of communication studies and Presidential Teacher Award

Winner Lisa Wallace published The Amazing Journey: Exploring the fundamentals of cultural differences. According to the author, the text is based on the idea that achieving intercultural communication competency requires a personal ‘journey’ that begins with understanding our own cultural identity, recognizing the various other world views that exist, acknowledging the obstacles that students might encounter and eventually practicing those skills in various contexts.


➢  Ohio University - Chillicothe Professor of Education Mary Barbara Trube, Ed.D., and

Professor Emeritus of Educational Studies Aimee Howley, Ph.D., of the Athens campus published the edited volume, Mentoring for the Professions: Orienting Toward the Future. This work aims to familiarize readers with theories of mentorship, share insights about how mentoring works in various professional fields and offer specific mentoring strategies with benefits for different populations of mentees. Each of the book’s chapters includes practical tools that readers can utilize in their own organizations.


➢  Chillicothe Campus faculty member Barbara Mahaffey has been recognized as an Ohio 

University Presidential Teacher Award finalist. Additionally, Mahaffey has been appointed as an editorial board member of the Journal of Counselor Practice for a two-year appointment. The Journal of Counselor Practice, a peer-reviewed national publication, is the official journal of the Ohio Counseling Association. Mahaffey is an associate professor and coordinator of the OUC Human Services Technology program. 


 Nursing faculty member Ronald Vance was featured in Ohio Magazine's annual

“Excellence in Education” section, which showcases outstanding teachers from Ohio's universities and colleges. Vance has led students in international service-learning experiences that emphasize the development of professional skills as well as community service.


➢  Donna L. Burgraff, Ed.D., associate professor of Education and Technical and Applied

Studies, won the Best Conference Presentation award at the Center for Scholastic Inquiry’s International Academic Research Conference in San Francisco. The title of her presentation was “No More Textbooks: Changing How We Structure Classes.” Burgraff bans the use of textbooks from her classes, focusing instead on the use of best-selling books. Her presentation discussed how this method of teaching brings innovation and excitement to the classroom that the use of standard textbooks rarely provides.


➢  Chillicothe Campus faculty member Dr. James R. McKean’s study, “Using Institutional

Data in Curricular Decision Making,” was published in the 20th Anniversary edition of the AURCO Journal, the annual journal of the Association of Universities and Regional Campuses of Ohio. McKean is associate professor and program coordinator of the Law Enforcement Technology program. McKean has authored and collaborated with colleagues, including OUC faculty members, on several presentations and articles.


➢  Political science faculty member Nicholas Kiersey co-edited the book Battlestar

Galactica and International Relations, which includes 10 essays written by an array of international academics and scholars. The book is intended to be of interest to students and scholars of international relations, popular culture and security studies.


➢  OUC mathematics faculty member Dywayne Nicely earned a competitive Baker

Fund Award from Ohio University to support the study, “A word on word problems: How improving reading comprehension can improve performance on mathematical word problems.” The project, which was done in partnership with Chillicothe High School colleagues, is designed to help local high school students develop the analytical skills they need to succeed in college. This project supports the campus’ mission of utilizing higher education to open gateways of opportunity for area residents.