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OHIO Chillicothe At A Glance

Skyline Chillicothe

OHIO Chillicothe at a Glance

As a part of Ohio University, the Chillicothe campus offers students the opportunity to earn a nationally-recognized Ohio University degree at an affordable price in a small-campus setting. As the first regional campus in the state, OHIO Chillicothe has a rich history in helping students pursue careers that allow them to put their passions into action.

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Chillicothe, Ohio (Approximately 45 miles south of Columbus).


Founded in 1946 as the first regional campus in Ohio.


Enrollment: Approximately 2,000 students, with a balance between traditional-aged students and non-traditional learners. The student body is 63 percent female and 37 percent male students


OHIO Chillicothe tuition and fees are based on the OHIO Guarantee model. The OHIO Guarantee enables undergraduate students (Ohio residents and nonresidents alike) to pay a single fixed rate that covers tuition and most fees for four years. Costs are set by the Board of Trustees and will remain steady across a student’s four years (12 semesters) at OHIO.

An Ohio University degree is an investment, and we are continuously striving to make college more affordable and accessible, while maintaining the high quality and value of an OHIO education. We’re committed to transparency and predictability, two tenants of The OHIO Guarantee. Learn more about the OHIO Guarantee here.

Numerous grants and scholarships are also available to alleviate many of the financial burdens.

OHIO Chillicothe Scholarships:

In order to support the greater Chillicothe community and our students, OHIO Chillicothe offers a variety of scholarships. For example:

  • The Freshman Excellence Scholarship rewards high academic achievers for their performance. Recipients enjoy a full tuition waiver for the cost of Chillicothe campus tuition fee, general fee, and Student Information Systems fee for fall and spring semesters. The Freshman Excellence Scholarship may be renewable for three additional years.
  •  The Freshman Distinction Scholarship provides a half-tuition waiver for the cost of the Chillicothe campus tuition fee, the general fee, and the Student Information Systems fee for fall and spring semesters. The Freshman Distinction Scholarship may also be renewable for three additional years.
  • The Freshman Merit Scholarship offers a $1,000 scholarship divided between fall and spring semesters. The Freshman Multicultural Scholarship, which may also be renewable for three additional years, supports students from underrepresented populations. The scholarship includes a half-tuition waiver for the cost of the Chillicothe campus tuition fee, the general fee, and the Student Information Systems fee for fall and spring semesters.

Finally, there are many endowed scholarship opportunities available at Ohio University Chillicothe with varying award amounts and qualifications. Upper-class students also benefit from these scholarships as well as first year students since all of these scholarships may be renewable for at least one additional year.

Academic Life:

Academic programs are aligned with student interest and emerging career fields in the region. Beyond the approximately 20 academic degrees offered on the Chillicothe campus, students can seamlessly transfer to the Athens campus and have access to more than 250 academic programs, if they choose. Furthermore, OHIO Chillicothe faculty members are proven in their fields and take time to explain concepts to students beyond the classroom setting.

The campus offers:

  • 13 Associate Degrees
  • 12 Bachelor’s Degrees
  • 10 Minors
  • 2 Training Certificate Programs
  • Occasional master’s degree programs are offered on campus through a cohort program

Helping Students Make The Grade:

OHIO Chillicothe takes the success of their students seriously and offers the resources to help them meet their goals and earn their college degrees. The Student Success Center in the Quinn Library features a peer-to-peer approach for assistance with a range of courses. Tutoring and Supplemental instruction are available in some of our more challenging courses.

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Life Beyond The Classroom:

College involves taking chances and expanding your horizons, and OHIO Chillicothe offers opportunities for students to explore their interests and become involved with other like-minded students.

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Through Student Services, the campus offers numerous student organizations that allow students to connect with others who have similar interests.

Athletics teams compete in the Ohio Regional Campus Conference and offer an opportunity for students to participate in a competitive environment against teams from similar campuses. OHIO Chillicothe fields teams in men's and women's basketball, men's and women's tennis, baseball, softball, volleyball, golf, and cheerleading. 

Cultural offerings such as discussions, theater, musical performances and art exhibits add an extra dimension to the college experience. Students can enjoy areas of interest or explore new horizons.

The Stevenson Center Learning Commons serves a hub of campus activity and provides a casual setting for students to relax between classes, grab lunch at the Hilltop Café, study or meet to work on group projects. The Learning Commons includes furniture and access to many computer stations.

After Graduation:

OHIO Chillicothe places a premium on preparing students for their careers, with programs such as mock interviewing and resume writing provided by Career Services. The Chillicothe campus has partnered with area businesses and other organizations to provide internships and other experience-based learning opportunities that put classroom concepts into action and help students build resumes. Furthermore, there is also a strong network of OHIO Chillicothe alumni in the region who realize the value of the Chillicothe campus educational experience.

Community Involvement:

Many students stay connected to the community through service projects that benefit the region and provide valuable experience. Student organizations provide a way to extend the enthusiastic volunteer spirit of our students into the broader community. Faculty and staff also contribute through extending their expertise, offering their time, supporting fund-raisers, raising awareness of important issues, and strengthening university-community partnerships.


Students often remark that the Chillicothe campus has the friendly atmosphere most often associated with a small campus setting.

  • Acreage: 100 acres
  • Buildings: Bennett Hall, Stevenson Center, Shoemaker Center, Child Development & Family Service Center, and Technology and Business Development Center


Library holdings: Quinn Library holds 60,000 books/volumes, 70 electronic databases, 240 current journal subscriptions, 400 DVDs and videos, and a special collection, including rare books. In a learning-centered university, usage of the library is perhaps a better metric/indicator. The ability to use OhioLINK and ILLiad significantly increases our volume and journal count. That is, the resources available to students/staff/faculty increases by changing the metric. Patron satisfaction, another metric from a learning-centered perspective, increases with individual research sessions from librarians.

Technology Resources: We currently have almost eight hundred computers on campus. Over five hundred of these computers are in computer labs or public spaces. We have ten instructional labs, two open computer labs, public access stations in the Learning Commons, Quinn Library, Bennett Hall, and other areas across the Chillicothe campus.

In addition, the entire campus is covered with the NextGen wired and wireless computer network, and all computer equipment is registered and connected to this university wide network, with connectivity being available in all buildings, and many open & public spaces across the campus, where students tend to gather. All classrooms are equipped with a multimedia instructor station (computer, DVD/VCR, ceiling mounted speakers, audio amplifier, and digital presenter), and a projection screen or surface.

We also have two Ohio University Learning Network (OULN) classrooms. These two CISCO Telepresence classrooms are used to link our campus to the other regional campuses, as well the Athens campus, to offer a wide range of classes taught by faculty across the Ohio University system. These rooms are also used for video conferencing and meetings inside/outside Ohio University.

Mobile laptop instructional carts are available to be delivered in Bennett Hall (MELL Cart) and the Technology and Business Development Center (LET Cart). Each cart has 20+ PC laptop computers with a standard software configuration and internet connectivity. There are two dedicated mobile carts containing 25+ PC laptop computers each in the School of Nursing, and one dedicated mobile cart containing  25+ PC laptop computers in Continuing Education.

Mobile video conferencing carts are available in Bennett Hall, Stevenson Center and the Technology and Business Development Center. Each cart consists of a 40" plasma display, computer with wireless keyboard, mouse, internet, web cam, and DVD/VCR. Software on these systems includes Microsoft Office 2013, multiple web browsers and media players, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Webex.

Dedicated spaces are provided for adjunct and 1/3 option faculty, and semiprivate group collaboration rooms are available in the Learning Commons, which are open unless otherwise reserved.

Finally, the campus has several Student Response Systems, used by faculty, to allow students to actively participate in class instruction.