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OHIO Chillicothe featured in the Chillicothe Gazette for 75th Anniversary

OHIO Chillicothe featured in the Chillicothe Gazette for 75th Anniversary

The Chillicothe Gazette featured OHIO Chillicothe and the upcoming 75th anniversary on Saturday, October 2 from 10 am to 2 pm. The front page feature gave the history of the campus, detailed community involvement and spoke about future goals. Read the full article here.

Ohio University Chillicothe continues to serve a vital role in the community. According to Dean Roberta Milliken, the campus has a mission that is "inextricably tied to the region that we serve. It has been our privilege to collaborate with our community partners to provide much needed high-quality, affordable educational opportunities to residents...We look forward to continuing the partnerships with the community we have enjoyed for many years--and forming new ones. These collaborations are mutually beneficial to ensuring our region’s general health, vitality, and endurance."  

Dr. Tony Vinci, professor of english, told the Chillicothe Gazette that sometimes students "...just want to learn to think for themselves and be around people...(they) get to learn all these new ways of thinking (and) can have more fun at work, control (themselves) better and be a better person." OHIO Chillicothe continues to have a campus culture built on diversity, tolerance and unity. With a current population of around 2,000 students, the campus attracts students from Ross county and beyond. "The rich history of partnership Ohio University Chillicothe has enjoyed over the years with the surrounding community is a testament to the wonderful people who live and work in Ross County," said Dean Milliken. "We are truly fortunate to live in an area that clearly understands and values the opportunities that education can provide."

Ohio University Chillicothe offers 14 associate and 12 bachelor degrees that are affordable, accessible, and valuable. The campus is far more than just classrooms and coursework; it’s a vibrant, student-centered learning environment.

Visit the 75th Anniversary Celebration page to learn more about the festivities planned for Saturday or plan a tour of OHIO Chillicothe to discover what makes this campus special.