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Class of 2020 Student Success Stories

Class of 2020 Student Success Stories

The journey to graduation is unique to each Ohio University Chillicothe student and on this page, you’ll hear student stories from all facets of life. No matter where their journey started, they have all made it with great determination, sacrifice, and hard work.

Happy graduation, graduates!

Matthew Bush, Bachelor of Social Work

“Using my VA educational benefits was a way for me to achieve my dream of helping veterans.”

After serving in the Marines Corps, Matthew Bush worked in a variety of capacities but found that he wanted to start a new career. To his advantage, he learned that he qualified to go to school using his VA educational benefits.

Bush chose Ohio University Chillicothe because it was close to home and it offers a Bachelor of Social Work. While enrolled, he has worked in the Veteran Services Office on campus.

“I chose social work because I knew it was a degree in which I could help veterans,” remarked Bush. “I hope to help other veterans, like myself, navigate resources available to them after they complete their service and make meaningful connections to services in society.”

Following graduation, Bush plans to look for internships for graduate school; he has recently been accepted into The Ohio State University to obtain a Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Bush says that his education at OHIO Chillicothe has allowed him to meet the demands of today’s evolving world and grow as an individual. “My experience is invaluable. The education I received from faculty and staff in various disciplines will help me to serve the community at large. They have taught me how to be a better professional and leader in my future career.”

Bush is a first-generation college student who attributes part of his success to his family and friends, as they have helped push him toward his goals and supported him throughout the process. He also commented that he is blessed to have been part of a great university, one that he owes for his success.

“I want to thank the excellent faculty and staff I have had the pleasure of being around for the last three years. They have positively impacted my life and with them, OHIO Chillicothe will continue to thrive in the future.

Tyler Cartee, Bachelor of Applied Management

“I found that I had to dig deep and keep chipping away, class by class, until I got my degree. There was a lot of adversity switching my major, but the hard work I put into college helped me succeed.”

Tyler Cartee, a first-generation college student, aspires to work for in the golf industry helping to sell, market, and/or develop equipment, or organize events. After graduating with his Associate Degree in Business Management Technology, Cartee continued with Ohio University Chillicothe to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Management.

Cartee choose to attend OHIO Chillicothe because it is close to home and affordable. Convenience was also a factor as he has worked while attending college classes.

“The professors at OUC have prepared me for my career,” remarked Cartee. “I believe the quality of my education is the same as going to a Division 1 college. I found it extremely helpful only having 25-30 students in my classes as I had more time with the professors if needed.”

Cartee started as a nursing student, but after some difficultly in class he changed course. He commented, “I really loved the program and I excelled in all my classes but Pharmacology. I later found that it was a lot of pressure so I switched to business. It’s a great fit for me because I am organized and I like to lead.”

Cartee is currently finishing his internship at Menards and looking for jobs in management. Particularly, he is looking for a position at Scotts Miracle-Gro. He plans to get a master’s in marketing so that he can further pursue his dream of working in the golf industry.

Excited and anxious to start the next chapter of his life, Cartee says he’s ready. “I will never forget my time at OUC as it was a great stepping stone toward my goals. But at the same time, I will miss college and the friends I have made over the years."

Owen Diehl, Bachelor of Science in Nursing

“It’s a great feeling knowing all of my hard work and dedication is finally paying off.”

Owen Diehl began his journey at Ohio University Chillicothe in the fall of 2016. From the time he was a sophomore in high school he knew that he wanted to go into the nursing profession.  

Because OHIO Chillicothe is close to home and affordable, Diehl knew the Chillicothe campus was the place for him. “With the scholarships made available to me, I obtained my bachelor’s degree debt free,” remarked Diehl.

Diehl choose to pursue nursing because of his own personal battle with cancer. When he was ten years old he was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma, a rare type of non-hodgkins lymphoma. His tonsils had swelled up so severely he had to get a tonsillectomy. In turn, a biopsy was performed which determined the biopsy to be cancerous. After a few rounds of chemotherapy, he recovered.  

“I knew from a young age I wanted to go into the healthcare field. While I was in Nationwide Children’s Hospital, all of the doctors and nurses made my scary situation better,” remarked Diehl. “In high school, I decided to become a nurse because I want to make patients who are scared of their sickness feel safe just like the nurses at Children’s did for me.”

Diehl plans to work in the critical care setting; however, after gaining a couple years of experience, he aspires to go to grad school to become a Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). He is currently in the application process for the Nursing Internship at Adena Health System.

As a first-generation college student, Diehl is honored to have had the opportunity to attend college and obtain a well-respected degree.

“The professors in the nursing program are wonderful,” commented Diehl. “They provided me with a plethora of knowledge and have challenged me academically, which has allowed me to come out of this program with confidence.”