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Hope Blooms: A Poem by Michael Massa

Hope Blooms: A Poem by Michael Massa

Hope Blooms: A Poem



The pandemic entered with the previous year’s “Ides of March”, boldly carousing ... random and ravishing..


It tried to stop everything and anything in its way that it could..

-But It could not Stop



It made people afraid,

with feverish anxiety...

-But it could not Stop  Love


It forced people to stay apart from one another...

  • But It could not Stop Closeness 


It ruthlessly tore through the streets ...

-But it could not Stop   



It turned the world topsy turvey,

  • But it could not Stop the world from Spinning


It darkened our special places like perpetual night..

-But it could not Stop 

the Stars from shining


It flourished like a group of shadows..

-But it could not Stop   

  the Living 


It sowed doubt into

peoples’ souls with an infectious sneer,

-But it could not Stop Hope


And finally,  weakened, it reluctantly 

tried to replant itself,  -But beheld the glory 

  And promise of 

   April’s Cherry


    -and it simply could 


     Stop them from