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Undergraduate Studies

Laboratory research is a beneficial and valuable experience for all undergraduates. It prepares students to make informative choices about their futures. It provides synthetic and measurement skills that employers seek in identifying candidates for employment. It also supplies students who aspire to advanced degrees with the necessary background to succeed.

Getting involved in undergraduate research is simple. Aside from specialty programs, there are numerous avenues for participating in research. One way is to earn course credit during the academic school year (CHEM 4940). Another way is to get paid by the professor sponsoring the research.

First, search the faculty web pages and find a subject matter that interests you (analytical, biochemistry, inorganic, organic or physical.). Then, set an appointment with a faculty member whose research interests you to discuss undergraduate research opportunities. You may want to interview several professors in order to find what most appeals to you. Once you have identified the research group you want to join, then you need only discuss with the professor the exact work to be done.