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Placement Exams

Frequently Asked Questions

I have AP credit for Chemistry, do I get credit for Chem 151?

Am I taking the right chemistry course?

Who should take the placement exam?

Who should not take the placement exam?

What are the prerequisites for Chem 151?

What is the structure of the Exam?

Can a student retake the placement exam?

What about students who do not attend pre-college, transfer students, and those who change into a major requiring Chem 151?

How does a student in Chem 150 "catch up" with the timing of courses?

I qualified for Chem 151 but I'm not very comfortable taking the course. Do I have to take Chem 151? Could I take Chem 150?

My intended major says that I need Chem 151 during the sophomore year. Should I take the Chem 151 placement exam now or later?

Chemistry Requirements for Some Majors

Consult your catalog of entry for the exact requirement for your major. In all cases credit for Chem 151-152 can also satisfy credit for Chem 121-122. Chem 123 and Chem 153 are distinctly different courses

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