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Undergraduate Studies

Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry Honors Program

Departmental Honors Coordinator: Dr. Jixin Chen (https://www.ohio.edu/chemistry/faculty/chenj.php)
Departmental Undergraduate Chair: Dr. Lauren McMills (https://www.ohio.edu/chemistry/faculty/lauren_mcmills.php)
College of Arts & Sciences instructions: https://www.ohio.edu/cas/dean/undergrad-affairs/honors/departmental/index.cfm

General Guidelines

The honors program in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry is awarded through the College of Arts & Sciences for those students satisfying a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree with a GPA of 3.3 or higher and a thesis (or a published research paper).

Students who meet the honors criteria and the deadlines will receive a diploma (and transcript) with the words "With Honors" after the degree.


Students with a GPA 3.3 or higher at the end of their junior fall semester are qualified. Students that meet the GPA are encouraged to apply for the program during the spring semester of the student's junior year.


Departmental Deadlines

Funding Opportunities
Students are encouraged to apply for funding through the Provost's Undergraduate Research Fund (PURF). The committee is expected to encourage and advise students on applying for the PURF.

Criteria for Awarding Departmental Honors

Interested students should