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Undergraduate Studies
Undergraduate Courses

Catalog On-Line

For a searchable on-line catalog, course information, description and majors see http://www.catalogs.ohio.edu/.

Detailed information for each course is available on Blackboard if student is enrolled in said class.

General Chemistry
CHEM 1210: Principles of Chemistry I
CHEM 1220
: Principles of Chemistry II
CHEM 1500: Concepts in Chemistry
CHEM 1510: Fundamentals of Chemistry I
CHEM 1520: Fundamentals of Chemistry II

Organic Chemistry

CHEM 3010: Organic Chemistry
CHEM 3050
: Organic Chemistry I
CHEM 3060
: Organic Chemistry II
CHEM 3080: Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 3085: Organic Chemistry Lab
CHEM 3090: Organic Chemistry Lab II
CHEM 4600: Spectroscopic Methods in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 4800: Advanced Organic Chemistry


CHEM 4890: Basic Biochemistry
CHEM 4901: Biochemistry I
CHEM 4501:The Principles of Brewing Science (Tier III)
CHEM 4902: Biochemistry II
CHEM 4903: Biochemistry Lab


CHEM 3760: Fundamentals of Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 4760: Modern Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 4760L: Inorganic Lab


CHEM 2410: Analytical Chemistry I
CHEM 2410L:
Analytical Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 4310: Analytical Chemistry II
CHEM 4310L: Analytical Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 7260: Electroanalytical Chemistry
CHEM 7270: Spectrochemical Analysis


CHEM 3510: Physical Chemistry
CHEM 4530: Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 4540: Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 4530L: Physical Chemistry Lab
CHEM 4540L: Physical Chemistry Lab


CHEM 4850: Introduction to Toxicology
CHEM 4840: Forensic Chemistry I
CHEM 4840L: Forensic Chemistry I Lab
CHEM 4870: Forensic Chemistry II
CHEM 4870L
: Forensic Chemistry II Lab
CHEM 4910: Forensic Chemistry Internship

Chemical Research

CHEM 4940: Undergraduate Research
CHEM 4940H: Honors Chemistry Research
CHEM 4941: Research (Tier III)
CHEM 6950: Research and Thesis