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Undergraduate Studies

     Academic advisors are best able to help you in planning your course of study if you contact them early and consult with them regularly. Notification of your advisor is indicated on your degree audit report (DARS) and class schedule.

A Statement of Advisee Expectations

     As a student at Ohio University, you have a right to the best possible advising and counseling. The University has an obligation to provide an advisor who will be interested in your welfare throughout your academic career at the University. You should be assigned an advisor when you begin your studies at the University. That assignment may be changed if it is not serving your needs. Specifically, this means that your advisor should:

A Statement of Advisor Expectations

     Members of the Ohio University faculty accept the responsibility to be informed and concerned advisors to students assigned to them as advisees. Advising involves helping students move through a sequential decision-making process toward realistic, flexible academic and professional goals. In order for faculty advisors to provide this involved service, it is expected that you will: