Ohio Chemistry Contest

Ohio University will conduct the thirty second Annual Ohio Chemistry Contest on Saturday, November 8, 2014, to test the achievement in chemistry of Ohio high school seniors and to encourage the study of science.

Student Prizes

The contestants must attend all the events of the Ohio Chemistry Contest between 10:00 AM and 4:30 PM, including the awards ceremony, to be eligible to receive the prizes and no proxy is allowed.

The scholarship winners must complete by February 1, 2015 their applications for admission to the Athens campus of Ohio University and the University must receive their test scores no later than March 15, 2015. If they meet these deadlines, (A) they can accept or decline the scholarships before April 15, 2015 and (B) they can also be considered for additional scholarships. To collect the scholarship, the winners must attend the Athens campus of Ohio University beginning in the 2015 Fall semester, in any established baccalaureate major (four-year bachelor degree program).

  1. First prize is a $200 cash plus a full in-state tuition scholarship renewable for up to three years, provided the recipient maintains a 3.4 grade point average.
  2. Second prize is $100 cash plus a one-year $2,500 tuition scholarship.
  3. Third prize is $50 cash plus a $2,000 tuition scholarship.
  4. Fourth prize is $50 cash plus a $1,750 tuition scholarship.
  5. Fifth prize is $50 cash plus a $1,500 tuition scholarship.
  6. Sixth prize is $50 cash plus a $1,200 tuition scholarship.
  7. Seventh prize is $50 cash plus a $1,000 tuition scholarship.
  8. 8th to 14th prizes are $30 cash each.
  9. All winners will also receive certificates and college level textbooks. Other prizes to be announced.


The contest is open to students enrolled in the 12th year of accredited Ohio high schools. To give more opportunities for students from different schools to win a scholarship, each school can send a maximum of two students. These students must be in the top 10% of their class or be recommended by their chemistry teachers as outstanding in science and mathematics.

Nature Of Contest

The contest consists of a one-hour written test at 11 A.M. in 194 Clippinger Laboratories, Ohio University, Athens, on Saturday, November 8, 2014. The test will be multiple choice in format but will include calculations and tests of quantitative skills. Tie-breaking essay questions may be included. The subjects covered are atomic and molecular structures, chemical symbols and names, units, periodicity, stoichiometry, gases, liquids, solids, solutions, heat, equilibria and rates of reaction, oxidation-reduction reactions, and electrochemistry.


  1. A complete application consists of:

  2. The complete application must be received by the Director of the Contest no later than October 31, 2014. All complete applications will be acknowledged by email no later than November 4, 2014.

Things To Bring

The contestant's social security number required by law for Ohio University to issue the prize check. We ask you to bring it to protect the security of your social security number. Driver's license or other ID with the contestant's photograph. The only things allowed in the examination room are pencils and erasers. A hand-held calculator will be furnished to each contestant. Periodic table and physical constants are printed on the exam. Pencil sharpener will be available. No cell phone or other electronic devices, other than the calculators we furnish, will be allowed in the examination room.

Housing for Friday night

If you have a long drive to Athens, do consider coming on Friday. Please reserve motel accommodations early and directly. There are no guest facilities available at the university on that date. The following motels/hotels are all in Athens, OH 45701:

Go to Traveling to Ohio University's Athens Campus for complete driving directions to Ohio University.

Schedule for Contestants, Teachers, Families, and Friends

Contestants are expeceted to attend all the following events except the campus tour from 11 AM to noon.

10-11 AM: Lobby outside 194 Clippinger Laboratories . Contestants check-in to be photographed and to pick up seat assignment and free lunch ticket. Chemistry Teachers pick up complimentary lunch ticket. Parents and friends pay for lunch and check-in for campus tour. Meet the faculty of the department and undergraduate students of the department. Light refreshments and academic program literature.

11 AM - Noon: Contestants take the 60-minute examination in Room 194, Clippinger Laboratories .

11 AM - Noon: Teachers, parents, and friends take the campus tour.

12-1 PM: Lunch, Nelson Common New Dining Room.

1:15-2: PM Program on admission, academic programs, financial aid, and scholarships in 194 Clippinger.

2-2:30: PM Tour of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry facilities in Clippinger.

2:30 - 4:30 PM: Awards ceremony, 194 Clippinger.

Contacting the Director

Dr. James Y. Tong, Director,
Ohio Chemistry Contest
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Ohio University
136 Clippinger Laboratories
Athens, Ohio 45701-2979

E-mail: tong@ohio.edu

Telephone: 740-593-1733
Message may be left at 740-593-1737
FAX 740-593-0148

Ohio University Front Door

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