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Spring 2022 Teaching Resources


  • Technology Consultations: Find assistance selecting, using, and implementing technology options in your classes.
  • Teaching and Learning Design: Book time with an instructional designer to discuss options for teaching online, in a hybrid format, using a flipped classroom model, redesigning your assessments, and other related topics.
  • Libraries: Schedule a time with a Subject Matter Librarian to discuss course materials, including low-cost and supplemental resources.

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Videos and Supplemental Content

  • Putting Your Course Online in a HurryStraightforward examples, tips, and suggestions for how to transition to online teaching in as stress-free a manner as possible. (40 minutes)
  • Asynchronous Online TeachingWe know that students learn best when they feel a sense of connection to the course content, to their instructor, and to each other. But it can be challenging in an online environment to establish this sense of community and student engagement. And it can be particularly difficult in the asynchronous environment. In this presentation, we will discuss how small adaptations to our courses can be highly effective at supporting both learning and community building in the online asynchronous environment. (18 minutes)
  • Flipped LearningFlipping the Classroom is an approach to teaching that combines synchronous and asynchronous teaching. Course  content  is largely delivered asynchronously, allowing synchronous classroom time to be dedicated to the practice of higher-order thinking skills. In this podcast, we introduce the benefits of Flipping the Classroom and provide step-by-step guidelines on how to design and utilize it in ways that work best for your teaching and learning goals. (24 Minutes)