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Tips for Engaging Large Classes Online

Ask for help: Can you get assistance (e.g. a student to help monitor the chat, facilitate small groups, etc.?)

If possible: Flip the Class: course content is presented asynchronously; synchronous time is used for critical thinking activities

  1. For asynchronous sessions
    • Students access recorded lectures (short) asynchronously. Have quiz questions/reflections associated with material
  2. For synchronous sessions: hook the class at the beginning (expect a “product” from them)
    • Break class into small groups
    • Assign and rotate roles (timekeeper, note-taker, summarizer, devil’s advocate, reporter)
    • Can use Whiteboard/Google Docs/etc. for synchronous teamwork
    • You may pop in and out of different groups
    • Bring everyone back together for report-outs, wrap-up, reflections, etc.
  3. If giving synchronous lectures,
    • Intersperse formative assessments (Top Hat/Poll Everywhere/Kahoot, etc.)
    • Assign a post-lecture reflection/follow-up activity
    • Consider “weekly” review/tutorial sessions
  4. Send weekly updates
    • Reminders of what’s coming up, due dates etc.
  5. Manage email
    • Provide clear expectations on response time
    • Send group/topic-based emails
    • Consider having an FAQ
  6. Manage office hours
    • Consider “targeted” office hours (topics-based) and invite groups of interested students to join •Record session and make available for those who cannot attend
  7. Early evaluations
    • What is working well?
    • Provide 2-3 suggestions on how I can further facilitate your learning
    • Reflect back/discuss with them their responses