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Members of the Bruning Teaching Academy engage in discussion during a meeting.

Peer Resources for Writing Student Learning Outcomes

The following past members of the Bruning Teaching Academy are available for you to contact as a resource if you need assistance writing student learning outcomes for your courses. Select a name from the list below to schedule an individual meeting or ask a question.

University Curriculum Council (UCC) has directed that outcome goals should be published in the Undergraduate Catalog, as well as the graduate and HCOM catalogs, beginning with the 2019–2020 academic year. More information is available in the “Publishing Course Outcome Goals” document on the UCC Individual Course Committee page.

Peer Contacts

Stan Alost

Mick Andzulis

Emilia Alonso-Sameno

Roger Braun

Tom Carpenter

Jenny Chabot

Brian Collins

Bill Condee

Matthew Cornish

Cory Cronin

Geoff Dabelko

Craig Davis

Shelly Delaney

Haley Duschinski

Ryan Fogt

Jessica Ford

Raymond Frost

Theda Gibbs

Sam Girton

Lisa Harrison

Lynn Harter

Jennifer Hines

Angela Hosek

Jana Houser

Akil Houston

Mary Kate Hurley

Bayyinah Jeffries

Yeong-Hyum Kim

Youngsun Kim

Michael Kopish

Greg Kremer

Chao-Yang Lee

Amy Lynch

Lori Marchese

Vic Matta

Lauren McMills

Hans Meyer

Charlie Morgan

Deborah Murray

Julia Paxton

Harold Perkins

James Petrik

Talinn Phillips

Linda Rice

Herta Rodina

Jeff Russell

Nukhet Sandal

Tom Smucker

Benjamin Sperry

Jennifer Shadik

Barry Tadlock

Soichi Tanda

Elizabeth Thompson

Stephanie Tikkanen

Art Trese

Thomas Vander Ven

Edna Wangui

Julie White

Aaron Wilson

Brian Wymbs