Keeping track of the details will help you better understand your target market and your capacity to serve that market. Here are a few questions to get you started:


Is there a potential (or existing) market for your product or service? What is unique about the environment you will be working in?

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Who is your target customer?

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Who are your competitors, and how is your product/service different from theirs?

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Is your idea feasible/protectable under intellectual property law? How will you protect your idea?

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How are you planning your business growth? Traditional business plan creation requires research into all aspects of your planning process. A different and more recent approach to business planning, dubbed the "lean launch" principle, focuses on a one-page planning device called the "business model canvas" and frequent customer validation.

Some places to start your search

TechGROWTH Ohio (and other Third Frontier Entrepreneurial Signature Program grantees), Ohio colleges/universities, business incubators, and small business development centers can help you think through these key strategic questions, often through free or low-cost business assistance services.

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For even more information, download our full "Energy & Efficiency Business Startup Guide" here.

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