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OU GRID Lab & Space Journal to announce solar power satellite competition

OU GRID Lab May 13, 2013

SunSat pic


With the help of the Ohio University Game Research and Immersive Design Laboratory (GRID Lab), on May 23-27, 2013 at the International Space Development Conference in San Diego, the Space Journal will be launching an international competition to design a new type of satellite. These satellites, and the space and earth infrastructures that enable them, are intended to introduce a new era of clean and abundant energy delivered to earth from space.

This project has emerged over the last three years from classroom instruction at Ohio University, involving digital media students working directly with space scientists, engineers and other professionals, that serves as a vehicle for learning about space, energy and our environment. It also serves as a way to bring about a positive social change.

At the San Diego conference, OU students will also be releasing for global distribution a free SmartPhone and IPad Ap that explain what space solar power is, how it works and the purposes it will serve. A micro-funding campaign has been established to raise funds for high-value prizes and expenses related to the first year (and perhaps the second) of the competition.

Click here to view the video to learn more or contact Don Flournoy, professor of telecommunications & editor, Online Journal of Space Communication; School of Media Arts and Studies, Scripps College of Communication, Ohio Center of Excellence; Ohio University, 740-593-4866 for more information.