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Ohio University associate professor speaks at conferences

Madison Koenig November 16, 2012


Ohio University’s Natalie Kruse recently spoke at a variety of gatherings.  Kruse, an assistant professor of environmental studies at the Voinovich School of Leadership and Public Affairs, visited conferences on environmental issues in Mt. Sterling and Zanesville, along with hosting an Ohio University Science Café at the Athens Campus.

On Thursday, October 18, Dr. Kruse participated in a panel discussion at the Ohio Society of Public Health Educators (Ohio SOPHE) Health Education Institute’s conference titled “Healthy Communities: Ingredients for Success.”  Jennifer Bowman from the Voinovich School and Dr. Michele Morrone from the College of Health Services and Professions also facilitated this panel discussion on “Public Health and Fracking.”  The panel was held in conjunction with the State Office of Rural Health’s Rural Health Conference.  The conference was held from October 17-19 at the Deer Creek Lodge and Conference Center in Mt. Sterling, Ohio.

The following day, Dr. Kruse attended the “Women of Appalachia: Sisters in Science” Conference.  This conference was held at the Ohio University Zanesville Campus and focused on regional issues, such as sustainability, public health, environmental justice, and the difficulties Appalachian women face when entering scientific fields.  Kruse was a part of the Environment Panel in the afternoon.  She discussed the legacy of coal mining in rural Appalachia, along with her work with the Raccoon Creek Partnership to treat and reclaim the Raccoon Creek Watershed.   As a member of the Women in Watersheds Committee, Kruse shared the work she does as an assistant professor at the Voinovich School, as well as the path she followed to get to this position, during the mini-panel titled “Women and Watersheds."

Kruse also hosted a Science Café discussion in the Baker University Center Front Room on October 31 titled “Sustainability: Mining and Mine Reclamation.”  Kruse discussed the environmental impact decades of mining has had in Appalachia, including the contamination of local water systems.  Science Cafés are open venues for Ohio University students to share their views on science and engineering with faculty, staff, and the community.

With speaking engagements like these, Dr. Kruse hopes to increase public awareness and conversation about environmental research.  “Discussing important environmental research throughout southeast Ohio is both engaging and rewarding. I have been able to discuss issues with people of diverse backgrounds and points of view, expanding not only the impact of academic research, but also strengthening the research itself through real applications in the region.”

For more information on Dr. Kruse’s work and other events going on in the Voinovich School, visit: www.ohio.edu/voinovichschool.