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Trouble Shooting

Note: Before submitting a trouble ticket please check your equipment set-up and this page for details on properly setting up and programming your set to receive CATVision.

If you are not receiving CATVision channels, first make sure your coxial cable is not damaged and connected to the cable jack on your wall and the RF connection on your TV, DO NOT over tighten, finger tight will do.

For your TV to work with CATVision you must have a digital TV that comes equipped with a QAM tuner. Most recently manufactured TVs come with a QAM tuner standard, however some older, off brand, or lower priced TVs do not come with a QAM tuner. Before purchasing a TV make sure it comes equipped with a QAM tuner. If your TV does not come with a QAM tuner, stand alone QAM tuners can be purchased in order for your TV to work with CATVision. Older analog standard definition TVs will only work with a stand alone QAM tuner attached.

If you are still not receiving channels you may have to manually switch your television from "antenna" or "broadcast" to "CATV" or "Cable" before preforming a scan for channels. This can be done using your television's menu, the menu usually can be reached using the buttons on your TV or by using your remote control. Please note that some universal remotes may not be able perform this function. Typically, you will go to the main menu screen and after switching the TV to "CATV" or "Cable", select "auto-program", "program" or "channel scan" to allow your TV to recognize each of the active channels.

If you are still experiencing problems: