Ohio University

Video Streaming Service for On-Campus Residents


Ohio University Housing and Residence Life is proud to announce the introduction of SpectrumU for our on-campus residents beginning in January 2020. SpectrumU is a video streaming service that uses residents’ Ohio ID to give them access to 130 live channels and over 7,000 hours of On-Demand content including HBO and ESPN.

When connected to the Ohio University wired or wireless network, SpectrumU allows on-campus residents have access to our expanded channel lineup and stream On-Demand content. When not connected to the campus network you are still able to use the service, but some content will be unavailable.

The SpectrumU app is available for smartphone, tablets, computers and Roku devices. To download the SpectrumU app you can visit the Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store to download SpectrumU.  To avoid finding the SpectrumTV app, which is a separate app, residents should search for “SpectrumU,” not just “Spectrum”. To access via Roku devices, select Spectrum TV from the Roku Channel Store.

Here is a list currently supported devices. Apps for Apple TV and Xbox are expected in 2020.

• All major Android™ smartphones and tablets running Android™ 5 or above

• iPhone, iPad or iPod touch running iOS® 11 or above

• Kindle Fire Phone, all Kindle Fire models except for the first-generation model

• Mac: Safari 7 or newer, Firefox 45 or newer or Chrome 43 or newer

• PC: IE 11, Chrome 43 or newer, Firefox 45 or newer or MS Edge 12 or newer

• Roku: All second-generation players and TVs

To watch using your computer go to watch.spectrum.net, be sure to then click the “Sign into SpectrumU” button at the bottom of the page. On the next screen you will then enter ohio.edu as the school domain. You will then log in using your Ohio ID.

SpectrumU Signin 1
SpectrumU Signin 2





The first time you log into the SpectrumU app, make sure you are connected to the campus network.

The SpectrumU app and the Spectrum TV app are two different things, your OHIO ID will not allow you to access the Spectrum TV app.

When watching on a laptop or desktop, SpectrumU is supported by all internet browsers. However, after testing Google Chrome seems to be the most reliable. If SpectrumU is not working for you in your browser, please try a different browser before contacting the service desk.

When watching on a laptop or desktop, SpectrumU currently uses Adobe Flash, the website will then ask you to allow it to use Flash. If you do not have Flash on your computer it will prompt you to download it. Spectrum plans to stop using Flash in early 2020.

When you are not connected to the campus WIFI or wired network you are unable to watch all channels. The channels blacked out off campus include local, sports and news channels.


Service Requests

Before contacting the service desk please be sure you are attempting to log into SpectrumU, and that you are using your correct Ohio ID and password. You can reset your Ohio password here.

If you encounter problems, please do not contact Spectrum directly. Instead, please contact the OIT help desk at 740.593.1222, or email them at servicedesk@ohio.edu.