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How do I access cable TV in my room or apartment?

All student rooms and apartments are equipped with an active CATVision outlet. The service is included as part of the housing fee and there is no additional cost. Using a standard coaxial cable (also called an RF cable), connect your television to the wall outlet.

If you have a cable-ready TV you must program it to recognize all of the CATVision channels in order to see them all. Follow the instructions that come with your television.

You may have to manually switch your television over from "antenna" or "broadcast" to "CATV" or "Cable." This can be done using the menu screen on your television accessible with your original TV remote. Universal remotes often cannot perform this function.

If you are using an older, non cable-ready TV that only receives channels 2-13, you will have to acquire a VCR or converter box to use as your tuner, if you wish to see the other channels. Connect the VCR or converter box to the CATVision wall outlet with one length of coaxial cable and then connect this to your television with another length.

If you continue to have difficulties connecting your cable, please refer to our Trouble Calls page for further instructions and our online work request form.


How do I listen to the radio stations on the FM band?

CATVision currently carries two Ohio University radio stations on the FM band of the cable.

WOUB - 91.3 and ACRN - 99.3

Please Note: You will need to purchase a TV/FM splitter and two additional lengths of coaxial cable with "F" connectors on each end. If your radio receiver is not "cable-ready", you will also need to purchase an FM transformer (see diagram below).

  2. Disconnect the incoming coaxial cable at the back of your TV and connect it to the "IN" port on your TV/FM splitter.
  3. Connect another length of coaxial cable to the "TV" port and a third to the "FM" port on the splitter. Connect the other end of each cable to your TV and FM receiver.
    If your radio receiver is not "cable ready", with a coaxial cable connector on the back, you will first need to connect an FM transformer to the end of that cable.
  4. Now connect the two transformer leads, with screws, to your receiver's FM antenna connection.

    See the illustration below for assistance.
Cable Graphic



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